How to Bring More People to Your Vacation Rental

If you have a vacation rental and you haven’t had a great year then now is the perfect time to take stock and take action to ensure that in the coming year you have done all that you can to bring more people into your rental. Many people believe that it is easy to bring visitors to your place once it has been cleaned and decorated, but in reality there is much more to it than that. To help you increase your profits from your rental, here are some tips which you should bear in mind.

Pick Your Niche

Something which many fail to successfully with their rental is to really nail down the niche that it is in. This could be luxury, budget, for families or even for groups. It can be tempting to try to sell your place to all comers, but ini reality you will likely fail to deliver 100% for any of them. A far better idea is to pick your market, if you are going to become a budget rental then reflect this with your price point and the amenities within the property, really take ownership of what kind of rental you are to bring in more visitors.

Nail The Description

The description of your vacation rental has to be lengthy and accurate as people looking for somewhere to stay want to know exactly what they are getting. In so many cases customers use reviews to find this information out, when in reality those reviews should be used to understand more about the experience customers can expect, rather than trying to find out what your property offers. If you have a look at this Mykonos hotel for example, you can see that the description covers all bases, it let’s a potential customer know exactly what to expect when they arrive at the property and as such it will bring in more customers. A vague explanation will only serve to ensure that customers look elsewhere, for a property which tells them exactly what to expect.

Cast Your Net

Placing your rental on a variety of 3rd party websites may require a bit of investment on your behalf but in casting your net further like this you can attract a far greater range of visitors. Not everyone uses the same websites when looking for vacation rentals which is why it makes much more sense to cast your net wide and try to go after every potential customer that you can.

Iron Out Issues

If a customer tells you about an issue in the property or they leave a review which mentions it, you simply have to be quick in terms of fixing it. Many vacation rental reviews that you see have people who are talking about the same issues time and time again. If you fall into this category then you are going to be turning away a huge number of potential customers going to the act that you have not fixed the issue, no matter how big or small.

Follow these tips and making 2020 the most profitable year yet for your vacation rental.

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