Hiking Through Australia’s Blue Mountains: A Guide

Starting Up

The 11,400 km2 range located in New South Wales offers many sights and iconic places to visit. Maybe you’ve visited the ranges before, or it is your first time. The climate in the Blue Mountains varies, with evening temperatures getting down to -30C, and getting upwards of the mid-20s during the day in summer. Packing warm, moisture-wicking clothing will leave you feeling fresh in these conditions.

A Classic Torch

Most people realise at some point they’re going to need LED torches whilst escaping on an outdoors adventure, whether you’re an avid camper or a weekend warrior. A Fenix torch for hiking will differ from generic torches in that it will be more durable and ideally have extended battery life and brightness. These features will be useful in low light conditions away from camp. You may want a head torch when exploring the Red Hands caves (found in the Lower Blue Mountains), as it gets quite dark in there!


Seasoned hikers will understand the importance of sun care. A good investment for any is a good sunscreen, a broad-brimmed hat and long-sleeved clothing. Check out the UV index, to assess the risk for UV damage. Select a broad-spectrum sunscreen (UV-A and UV-B coverage) as well as one that is cosmetically elegant. Invest a bit more in a good one! You’ll be more likely to use it when it sits well on your skin. Also, don’t forget to reapply, you won’t want to be getting burnt whilst photographing the three sisters.

Pack a Nutritious Lunch

Remember to keep spare water handy! Even in the cold conditions of the Blue Mountains, you will still sweat. If you feel dehydrated, it’s already too late! Calorie dense snacks such as trail mix or energy bars can help provide a quick fix of energy without adding too much weight to the pack. Formulated bars are also great to replenish lost nutrients during the vigorous hike. After breaking a sweat hiking all day, you’re going to want some replenishing food back at home base. A common misconception is that hiking food is bland and average tasting. Wrong! Spice it up and remember to pack a little extra. If you’re feeling a bit peckish, you can pop into the Blue Mountains Buttery, a home for delicious baked goods. Not to mention their famous Bee Sting Cakes!

Other Essentials

For winding down after a long day or night of trekking, you’ll most likely want some lighting handy at home base. Other items that are sometimes overlooked include a first aid kit, a good pair of hiking boots, a multi-tool, spare toiletries, polarised sunglasses, and a mirror (to keep you looking beautiful, of course).

Further Exploring

If you wish to plan your trip a bit better, you may want to understand the terrain and conditions beforehand to help prepare for the hike. Understanding the location and carrying an updated map of the various walks and zones you can explore will keep you from feeling lost! Most smartphones will have an accurate GPS however you may want a hard copy of the maps for the out of range areas. A common hike is to follow the smaller ranges including the Bell Range, the Explorer Range, the Mount Hay Range, and the Woodford Range. These vary in height, all roughly about 1,000 metres tall! After a long couple of days hiking, you might feel you need a night in away from the camping. A stay at the iconic The Man from Snowy River Hotel will leave you feeling settled and at home.

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