Moving to the City, How to Adjust to City Life

You might be moving because of career issues, or perhaps you feel like you are ready for a change of scenery. Whatever the reason, relocation is a big deal. There can be a lot to adjust to. The cost of living, rules and regulations, taxes, and making new friends. Here are some tips for making the most of your relocation.

Adventure Time

There will be days when you don’t want to head out and explore. But, if you generally try to keep a positive attitude, and treat the whole move like a big adventure, you’re more likely to enjoy it. The chances are there are museums, landmarks, cuisine and other activities that you can check out. This will help you get a grasp on the culture of the place. If you have always lived inland, but now have access to the beach – then make as much use of it as you can. Remember what has enticed you into this area, and build it into your lifestyle.


Finding your local supermarket is, the best deli, the most delicious coffee and your perfect Friday night takeaway comes with time and exploration. Google Maps can locate most of the essentials for you, but there will be hidden treats that only a local will know about.

Stay a While

Before you choose your new area, you should consider booking an apartment with a company like Blueground for a month or so. Moving into a furnished home from day one will give you time to search for the perfect place to live. You will be able to get into the ebb and flow of the city without being held down with initial errands like setting up the internet or arranging furniture delivery.

Say Hello

If you have moved somewhere with a new language, it can be challenging to integrate yourself as quickly as you might like. One of the best ways to begin to build your social circle is by attending language classes. You will meet a wide range of people all in the same position as you are. From there, you can flex your language skills in small ways by ordering a coffee or lunch. Over time your grasp of the language will become brilliant, and you will find speaking to the locals much easier.

Take It Slow

Many people might ask you how much of the language you can speak, or often ask how you’re settling in and have you done X, Y, Z yet. It is essential for you to take it at your own pace. There might be times you will get lost, forget the bus number, or be unsure what to do in certain situations. That is part of getting used to your new surroundings. Adjusting to a new space, in the same city takes time. So when you combine a more significant move and a new city (or country) – it might just take a little longer.

A Little Old

Homesickness can be really difficult to deal with. You might miss a specific smell or food item after a few weeks in your new location. Something you can do to ease the initial transition is to bring a few things from your former city. Getting your old newspaper or magazine delivered is an excellent way to keep yourself informed – without being too much of a reminder. The trick is to have a few things that comfort you and remind you of home, but not over-do it and have a shrine.

You 2.0

Moving countries or even one city over gives you an excellent opportunity. You can give yourself a fresh start. It is the perfect time to build things into your lifestyle that you didn’t have space for before. If you have moved from a smaller coastal town to a city – you’re going to find so much more to do or on the other hand, moving from inland to somewhere with beachfront access and views. Take your fresh start and run with it.

Involve Yourself

This isn’t just about meeting people. This is about making sure you get out of the house and doing something outside of work and home. It is very easy to feel isolated if you don’t get involved quickly. Check out volunteering options, classes, sports teams or anything that is related to hobbies that you currently enjoy.

Cities are vibrant, busy, exciting – and the hub of much of what drives creative industries forward. They have more to do, more to see, and many more people for you to meet. So, take your time, find your own routine, take part and give yourself space to enjoy and explore.

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  1. Thank you so much for posting these fabulous and absolute tips! This is great advice!!! If only I had seen this weeks ago! At least I get some tips for the last leg of the interstate moving.

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