Has the Pandemic Invaded Our Bedrooms?

The Covid-19 crisis has deeply impacted our Lifestyle. It has been more than a year now that the crisis has gripped the world and we have all been witness to the ugly consequence of the virus. Though after all these months normalcy seems to have returned to our pandemic eroded life, its re-emergence in various places all over Europe and the severity of its new strain in Brazil and England have made us all question have we beat the Coronavirus or we are still in the middle of a swell in a very violent ocean and the worst is yet to arrive.

Behind all this grim news the vaccine has still bought the biggest hope that might be the ultimate weapon against the virus. Till then washing hands and safe distancing is still the most powerful deterrent against the virus, other than staying at home in a bio-bubble which is also equally effective.

With the onset of Pandemic, our homes have been our overall address for every activity of ours be it our work, gym, salon, etc. But the most impact of this remodeling has been bored by our bedrooms. It was one such place that was mostly converted and used into different usable activities.

Now, with the work from home culture prevalent, there has come a need to set an office setup at home. Now, while the pandemic has locked us into square boxes, everyone is busy setting up a small office right in their bedrooms. There are many who prefer working from the comfort of their beds.

An office setup requires a small desk to accommodate the computer system or the laptop along with a chair. Many prefer doing workouts at intervals. With introducing the office setup in your room, you now need to adjust the size of your bed to make room for other necessities.

So, while you are spending your entire day working in your room, your bed  has to be, small, compact and comfortable one.

Therefore it was very much important that the beds and mattresses that we use are small, comfortable and safe. Though there are various bed sizes to choose from once you imagine your house for example :-

    • King
    • Cal Kings
    • Queen
    • Full
    • Twin XL
    • Twin
Size Dimensions (IN) Dimensions


King 76”x80”x11 6.33×6.67×0.92 1 adult with 2 children, or two adults with 1 child
Cal Kings 72”x84”x11 6x7x0.92  1 or 2 adults with children
Queens 60”x80”x11 5×6.67×0.92  1 adult with pet , or two adults
Full 54”x75”x11 4.5×6.25×0.92  1 adult with pet,or two adults
Twin XL 38”x80”x11 3.25×6.67×0.92 1 person
Twin 38”x75”x11 3.25×6.25×0.92 1 person

But with the on-set Pandemic our bedrooms need to be planned meticulously,  we need to manage every space and corner into something very useful especially our beds which must be comfortable and space-friendly at the same time. The best response to all the above issues is the usage of Twin Size beds and mattresses. Twin beds and mattresses are some of the most used mattresses in the whole of the US.

It is also commonly known as a single bed and is easily accessible and tough. Its flexibility and ease of usage have made it very popular among American college dorm students.

What is a Twin Size bed?

Twin Size beds ideal size is 75 by 38 inches making it a very ideal choice for university dorm students or children, They are not meant to be the regular sleeping choice for a couple or new family or very tall people but its easy mobility and space-saving facility makes it an ideal bed for single people who are wishing to save space while not compromising the comfort level of a bed.

Twin mattress size is also similar at 75 inches in length and 38 inches in width. It has a surface area of 2850 inches it is very much portable and can be very easily moved around.

Different types of Twin size mattresses can be used by the user depending on the user’s needs and comfort level. They can be summed up as follows:-

Youth Twin Mattress: One of the smallest types of Youth Twin mattress is 66 inches in length and 33 inches in width. It is generally used for young children in their growing age.

Standard Twin-Size mattress: Standard Twin size-Dimension is 75 inches in length  38 inches in breadth and is ideal for teenagers and youngsters who prefer their room and bed with their growing age. It is very much comfortable as it allows them to stretch freely while sleeping or resting.

Twin XL Mattress: As the name clears it all it is the longest version of the twin-size mattress with a dimension of 80 inches in length and 38 inches in breadth. It is generally used by people who are slightly taller than the average people.

After getting a competitive analysis of the different types of twin-size mattresses you can easily choose the ideal mattress that you would be needing for your home as per the pandemic protocol. After finding the ideal bed size one can then redesign their bedroom so that some scrap of extra space can be used for some other activity as it is the home that has replaced our work-space, gym dine-outs, etc.

Besides the above-mentioned usage, various other benefits are attributed to the twin beds. They can be categorized as follows

    • Easy Mobility: One of the most important benefits that a twin-size bed offers is the ease of mobility as it is very lightweight and can be easily moved around in the house. They can also be very easily carried around by college students who might move around different accommodations or dorms during their tenure at the universities.
    • Flexibility: Twin beds are considered the most flexible beds as they can be used by any user and can be used anywhere in the home. It can be used as an extra mattress for guest rooms or as beds for young kids or teenagers in the house. If not in use it can be easily stowed away in any one corner of the room where it also will not consume much space.
    • Economical: it is also one of the most economical mattresses that is available and can be used for multiple reasons or multiple persons be it the kids or teens or adults thus omitting the need to buy bigger mattresses multiple times.
    • Compatibility: Because of its smaller size, it does not need a fairly bigger room to place the twin mattress thus making it an ideal mattress option for college dorms.

Unlike” anything under the sky” everything that has benefits is also bound to have  its share of disadvantage that are discussed underneath

    • Smaller Size: Twin beds are very much short and will not accommodate any-one taller than the average height.
    • Twin Mattress Sinks on the Side: Twin mattresses are very uncomfortable for heavyweight sleepers as they sink under the weight, thus making their sleeping experience very uncomfortable.


Besides all these comparisons it is very ideal to say that a Twin bed and twin mattress are some of the most ideal mattresses. They are very economical and can be used in multiple roles and are small enough that they can be very easily moved around rooms or places they are very lightweight and can be easily handled by Small kids and teens. Finally if not in use it can be easily stowed away in any corner of the house without occupying much space.

In these uncertain times when we need some extra spaces in our homes to accommodate our other activities thus twin mattresses serve as an ideal mattress that can be used to replace the previous bigger mattress and beds. This saved space thus can be used to accommodate the Yoga mat or the new workplace.

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