GypsyNesters on the Radio!

Get the GypsyNester story!

We joined Jill and Claudia over at Empty Nester Radio and had a BLAST.

Listen in as we answer these great questions:

How did you become known as the GypsyNesters?

What did your kids say when you told them of your plans?

Do you have a home base?

Are your kids all in one place?

Is your life a perpetual vacation?

You guys spent a lot of time together, is it a rediscovery?

What’s the adventure that stands out most in your minds?

Do you speak any foreign languages?

Have you ever found a place that you’d want to settle down in?

Have you guys made it to Yellowstone?

What kind of technology do you use on the road?

Do you plan where you’re heading next?

What do you do about healthcare?

Is it liberating to get rid of all of your “stuff”?

Was is fun going through all of that stuff and getting rid of it?

Are you happy with the changes you’ve made in your lives?

What would be the first piece of advice you’d give someone wanting to follow a similar path?

Your Turn: Are there any other questions you have for us? We’ll be happy to answer back, so fire away!

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10 thoughts on “GypsyNesters on the Radio!”

  1. I agree with Rocky. She didn’t seem too prepared and she wasn’t very good, either. But you guys were awesome. I would love to do what you’re doing! Maybe I missedi t (I actually listened to the whole thing)…but you said one or two of you kids came back home. Where is “back home?” Do you have a “home base?”

    1. It’s a really laid back show, which was nice because I was pretty nervous! I listened to the part you are referring to (about kids coming back home) and it IS confusing – it was one of the hosts who said that her kids had moved back home. Ours don’t have a home to move back to!

    1. I actually liked the laid back format as an interviewee (ha! it that a word?). Mainly because of nerves. This was by far the longest interview we have done and great to have it under my belt! -Veronica

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