Five Fun Stay at Home Date Night Ideas

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, here is a handful of ideas on how to make a romantic date night without ever leaving the comfort of your own home.

Of course, these days it is also a good idea because you can keep your social distance from everyone… well everyone except that special someone.

1. Go “out” to a fancy restaurant right at home.

There are two ways that could accomplish this, the hard way and the easy way. If you know how to pull it off, then by all means whip up a gourmet meal in your own kitchen. Sometimes the culinary creativity is a big part of the fun. Otherwise, we would suggest ordering out and have a service like Doordash or Uber deliver your five star extravaganza right to your door.

While it is on it’s on the way, set a candlelit table for two complete with linen and fine china. Get dressed up for the occasion to make it feel really special and don’t forget the wine and some chocolates to top it all off.

2. Make it a casino night

We have always enjoyed an evening out at a casino, so why not bring that excitement right in to your own living room? It is easy to choose the perfect play from the large variety of online casinos at Casinofy.

Decorations such as cards, chips, or dice can help set the mood. Then put out some snacks and drinks, and add a little background music like Frank Sinatra, and you might just feel like you are in a movie.

3. Speaking of movies…

Sure, everyone has movie nights all of the time, but what if we made it special? Depending on where you live, it could be an outdoor movie night under the stars or maybe try a “drive- in” in your driveway.

In the colder climates try a portable movie on your laptop or iPad by the fireplace. A little hot toddy or cocoa will help to make the night very warm and snuggly.  Don’t forget the marshmallows.

4. Try a cooking class

Food is very sensual and cooking together can really bring that out.

There are tons of online cooking classes that you can try together.

We have found in our nearly forty years together, that learning something new with your sweetheart is one of the best ways to keep the relationship fresh and vibrant.

Plus, at the end of the class you have a great meal ready and waiting.

5. Have a bed picnic

Staying under the covers just might be the best thing for a cold winter night. Get some games or just watch TV and once again we would suggest ordering out because there’s no way to cook without leaving the bed. Even if it’s just a pizza and a bottle of wine it will feel like something fun and out of the ordinary.

So there are our five ideas. We would certainly love to hear any other stay at home date night plans any of you might have. Just leave them in the comments below and have a happy Valentine’s Day, or any other night you want to make seem special without ever leaving the house.

David & Veronica,

We’d love to hear your ideas for a fun night “out” without ever leaving home. Just drop us a note in the comments below.

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