Festival Fun And Frolics: Grand National 2018

Growing up, I always wanted a horse, a nice white one. My dad and his dad’s generation would have been more used to having horses around, as a common mode of transport and for working/farming. As I grew older, I realised there was so much involved with owning a horse and caring for it. While not owning a horse became a reality, I did keep an interest in the equestrian sports and started following the racing and the festivals that accompany big races. Big hats, fancy dresses, and clinking glasses. I had fallen in love with horse racing.

Big horse racing events like Cheltenham and Aintree are super exciting to attend. Not just for the horse racing and the buzz of that but for the entertainment, fashion, and fun over the festival. There’s nothing better than getting dolled up for ladies day, having a few drinks with other racing folk and throwing a few pounds on a 10/1 in Aintree’s Grand National.

The buzz of winning a bet on a horse race is so much fun, but when you are actually at the event it is electric! You can have an old flutter yourself over at WilliamHill.

Fashion And Frolics

Hats. Hats. Hats. Racing festivals attract some of the funkiest types of headwear. You’ll see from one extreme to the other, both elegant to ostentatious. Everyone has their own style.

An important thing to consider, however, is the wind. When you’re in England at the Grand National, there’s a high chance of it being windy out. So your hat might blow off! It’s quite funny if you’re watching but some of these hats might be on hire and or/be very expensive.

Wearing an outrageous dress and hat or having heels so you’re towering above everyone isn’t mandatory. You can go smart-casual if the whole dress up is not for you. After all, in a cold English winter you’ll want to look well but keep warm too. As we have seen this year, an English March can be unpredictable and full of snow and cold spells. Wear multiple layers. An elegant scarf can double up, looking fancy but also keeping you nice and warm. After all, a scarf or light top could be removed if it gets too hot.

Festival Fun

After Aintree or Cheltenham, the papers are always littered with people drunken or passed out somewhere at the event. But it’s easy to fall into the same boat if you are drinking one after another all day without much food intake. Also, always take care when you’re having a losing streak while drinking as you’ll be more likely to try to win back the losses through carelessness. The Queen’s pub is always a hot spot at Aintree, being so close to the racecourse itself. The Hole in The Wall Cafe and the Side Door are other good spots nearby and of course, the famed Philharmonic Dining Rooms which is one of the most ornate pubs in Britain.

So get your dress wear ready, brim your wallet with a few fresh fivers and take it easy on the drink and you’ll be set to have a great Grand National this year at Aintree.

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