Adventure Tours in Western Australia

Western Australia is the cradle of nature’s wonders and extremes. Being ranked as the 6th largest country in the world, it possesses unique mainland and island natural features that will take your breath away. It possesses a mixture of white-sand beaches, beautiful vegetation of wildflowers, extensive deserts, jagged thrilling canyons, an extraordinary species of flora and fauna that make it one of the leading tourists’ adventure destinations. West Australia’s capital city, Perth, is dominated by a unique fusion of both city life and country life owing to its dominant commercial activities that have been shaped by activities of mining and agriculture. A tour through Perth acts as a time travel machine that enables one to travel from the old cultural ways and practices to the modern skyscrapers and hotels.

The list below elaborates on some of the unique natural features, flora, fauna, hotels, and experiences that make up the perfect adventure tours in Western Australia.

Swan Valley

Swan Valley embodies the history of Western Australia. This is through the preserved cultural heritage of Perth citizens, their delicacy, fine wine, and wildlife dominance. Adventure tourists have the privilege to visit the Caversham Wildlife Park where they encounter the troops of Kangaroos and interact in feeding them. One is also able to spot the Koala, wombat, and the colorful parrots. One also gets to visit the Black Swan Maalinup gallery hence the name Swan Valley where they reside. For chocolate lovers, the tourist has a chance to tantalize their taste buds at one of the leading chocolate company in Swan Valley known as Margaret River Chocolate CO.

Pinnacles Desert

The tourists get to enjoy a wild drive through the vast pinnacles Desert that is found in Nambung National Park. Since it is a cruise through the desert sand, it requires the tourists to be provided with up to task 4 wheel drive cars and experienced navigators such as the ones at Luxury Outback Tours. The desert provides an attractive aura for taking memorable adventure photos to capture every single experience. When it comes to testing cuisines, the tourists are treated to yummy rock lobsters by the experienced chefs at the glorious Lobster Shack.

North Wildflower Tour

Mother nature’s provide the tourists with one of the greatest phenomena ever to exist in the flora kingdom. This is the dazzling Wildflower Tour. At the Don and Joy Williams of Hi Valley Farm, The tourists are able to see the unique and beautiful diverse flower species that have colorful petals, shapes, and sizes, big and small. Hey also get a chance to meet the managers of the flowers and get a detailed historical information concerning the flowers.

Margaret River Wine Tour

This includes one of the renowned wine series in Western Australia. Wine lovers have a lifetime chance to participate in fresh wine tasting activities of different wines. This includes some of the private wine firms in the region. A good example is the Watershed Premium Wines that is globally known for producing one of the highly ranked wines in the market.

In conclusion, Western Australia is a leading venture tourism destination owing to its cultural activities and heritage, geographical unique features, flora, and fauna. These include wineries, wildflower tours, pinnacles desert, Swan Valley among others.

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