Family Holidays in the South Caucasus

How to choose the best destination for family holidays? That’s quite an important question. The first thing is to find the destination where each family member will find an interest. Today we’d like to invite you to make a trip to the South Caucasus – completely new and unique travel destination. Armenia and Georgia, two hospitable countries of that region, will please you with lush landscapes, authentic dishes and many cheap options for family rest and entertainment.

Family holiday in Armenia

Armenia is one of the safest countries for a family holiday. You can stroll here till late hours and feel completely comfortable and safe.

The other important factor that makes Armenia quite attractive destination is affordable prices for accommodation, food and activities.

In local resort towns, families can relax away from hustle and bustle in the lap of nature.


The resort town Dilijan is considered “the small Armenian paradise. The town is beautiful in any season. Coniferous forests and mild mountain climate are ideal to improve health, to treat and prevent cardiovascular diseases. The town is also an excellent choice for trekking lovers. Once in Dilijan, make sure to include Lake Parz in your must-visit list. The name of the lake is translated as “transparent or clean”. The trees and the blue sky are reflected in the waters of that crystal clear lake; the view is so inspiring!


The resort town of Jermuk is considered one of the most popular health centers in the CIS. The town is famous for its healing mineral waters and guests from foreign countries come here to improve their health. By its chemical composition and properties, Jermuk mineral water is compared with the springs of Karlovy Vary. Of course, the vacation in Jermuk will cost much cheaper than in the resort town of the Czech Republic. The nature of the resort is unique; the Jermuk waterfall is considered the most beautiful in Armenia. It falls from 70 meters forming a small lake. From the source of the waterfall the legendary mineral water “Jermuk” is produced.

Eco tour in Armenia

Eco tourism is actively developing all over the world, and Armenia also began to spend resources to preserve nature. Eco tour is a great idea to spend holidays with family, to get closer to nature, to teach children to love and appreciate nature.

One of the popular eco resorts in Armenia is the HyeLandz Eco Village Resort which is located in the village of Geghadir.The eco base grows organic fruits and vegetables, gets meat and dairy products on the spot, receives energy from the sun and simply enjoys the gifts of nature without destroying it.


For summer holidays in Armenia, the first place to go is Lake Sevan. Sevan is one of the highest freshwater lakes in the world. It is surrounded by Geghama Mountains the peaks of which are reflected in the blue waters of the lake. The view is fantastic!

In summer Sevan is a great place for a beach holiday. Here you can relax with family, sunbathe, ride a scooter, and eat the most delicious trout khorovats.

Family holidays in Georgia

Georgia has a great potential for tourism. The country is actively developing in all directions and at the same time carefully preserves its ancient heritage. For family holidays there are several destinations which we will tell you about:


Borjomi is a famous healing resort famous for its world known mineral springs. It is surrounded by mountain ranges and coniferous forests which contributes to clean and healing air in the town. The landscape reminds a fairy tale. Borjomi is all about dense forests, Caucasian mountains and mild climate.

The treasure of Borjomi is its mineral water. The healing properties of the mineral springs were known more than 2,000 years ago and here kings enjoyed their vacation. Just like in any other resort town, the life in Borjomi flows slowly without any bustle. Here you will forget the city vanity and get closer to nature.


The best direction for summer vacation is Adjara region. What can be better than the Black Sea coast, Caucasian Mountains and Georgian hospitality? The center of the region, Batumi town, is full of ultramodern skyscrapers, five-star hotels, clubs, and restaurants. Batumi is an ideal place for outdoor activities.

For a quiet family vacation, we recommend visiting Sarpi, a small village near the border with Turkey. Sarpi is famous for its clean seashore with rocks, mountains, and dense forests. The resort towns of Adjara are close to each other. This means, you can visit several towns.


For winter holidays in Georgia, there are several popular destinations among which we offer to visit Gudauri ski resort. Why Gudauri? First of all, the resort town is super modern with all the amenities, services and entertainment for adults and children.

Gudauri is a great place for a family holiday. The slopes of the mountain are divided into levels, there is also a separate ski lift for children, and a playground with slides. The hotels have all amenities for comfortable rest of the whole family.

In summer you can enjoy paragliding, hiking and other extreme activities or just relax in the lap of nature.

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11 thoughts on “Family Holidays in the South Caucasus”

  1. Great article! I traveled to Armenia last year with my family and all I can say this is a beautiful place to visit. Great history and amazing nature. Very kind and friendly people. The food is just amazing! We will definitely visit again!

  2. Holidays with family, with children in Armenia or Georgia is the best choice. Here the nature is just wonderful: fresh air, clean and clear water. With words it is impossible to tell, it is possible to see only once, to feel this beauty. Armenian cuisine is simply incomparable. And the main thing: rest in Georgia and Armenia is not expensive. I’m in the two countries and to the rest, and I really liked it. Guys go and not regret it.

  3. I’ve been looking for a vacation for a long time. I really liked that the variants related to wildlife without large crowds of people. Tours in these places are not expensive. I will definitely go.

  4. Very informative and interesting post vacation and tourism in Caucasus.I definitely want to visit there with my family.I especially liked that you can visit some places in winter and some in summer.

  5. Hello, dear friends! Thank you for the interesting article. Very useful and interesting information about beautiful places! I will definitely visit each of them! Thanks to the author for the article!

  6. Guys, I advise everyone this! I’m just in shock. My girlfriend and I got there. Especially cool and we really enjoyed the trip to Borjomi! It’s just flying away !! If you still decide to go or not – be sure to go !! The Caucasus is love forever !!

  7. Hello, dear friends.
    I licked this interesting and useful article about such a delightful and splendid places. There are many of beautiful and extraordinary landscapes over there. I`d like to see all of them live.

  8. This place looks very nice and it offers a wide range of things to do in. Thanks for sharing this information about each and every place. Thanks for sharing this post.

  9. I often arrange family rest. The preferable directions are – Yakutia and the Caucasus. You don’t understand specificity, if you wasn’t there! It is the purest air, the primitive nature, generally rest for all hundred percents! My family is happy, including children, and waits for new adventures! By the way, recommend Borjomi, it’s awsome!!

  10. When I left Borjomi I felt like I was reborn again. What a wonderful marvelous place that is! I think that the true spirit of Georgia is not in its wine. It is Georgian hospitality. Well, Armenians would probably righteously argue that. I wouldn’t judge. I would just take a part of their sun to my home up north and will pray to come back.

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