Fun Things on Waikoloa Beach

Waikoloa Village is a beautiful little village tucked away in a secluded corner of the main Hawaii Island. Waikoloa Vacation Rentals are one of the popular places to stay here and is pretty close to some nice beaches on the island. We decided to survey as many of these on our first day on the island.

The Anaehoomalu Beach It is right next to the Waikoloa Beach Resort and is perfect for spending the entire day with the family. It is nice and quiet and you won’t be bothered by huge crowds and tons of people. The coastline is pristine and the waters are crystal clear. It is also very safe for children because the waves here are not so high to be of any danger to young kids. We tried some snorkelling and although the water was clear, it was not as exciting as we’ve seen on some other beaches. Wait until the sunset and you get some of the most heavenly beautiful views of the evening sky. We were happy to find some good amenities here such as showers and changing rooms, which help to keep the children clean of sand.

Another beautiful beach near this resort is Kauna’oa Bay, which we found was popular with a lot of tourists because of its white sand, quite a rarity in Hawaii. This is also a nice place to visit with the family, although it is not as developed as other commercial beaches on the island. And that is exactly what we liked about it. Don’t worry, you will find clean and functional showers and restrooms on Kauna’oa Bay as well as a barbecue area. In fact, one of the great things about this beach is that it was a public beach, but its secluded location made us feel as if we were on our own private beach. What was surprising was the fact that even though so many people recommended it to us, there were actually very few people on the beach when we arrived. It can get a bit boring for people who enjoy bustling scenes of activity and frolic on the beach.

As we continued our search for the most beautiful beaches on Hawaii Island, we stumbled across another little gem. Waialea Beach is on the opposite side of Waikoloa Vacation Rentalsand was extremely busy when we came in. This seems to be a very popular spot with international tourists since we could see a lot of them. There’s lots of opportunities to do some water sports like surfing and boarding. It’s also a pretty heavily shaded beach, which may be one reason why it is perfect for high energy activity. If you’re expecting to come here and relax on the sand while catching up on some reading, forget about it. When you’re on Waialea Beach, you simply have to join in the action.

Next on our itinerary was the Kalahuipua’a Park, which is basically a trail on an archaeological site with some amazing scenery and landscape. The site also has a cave which is supposed to have been inhabited by people way back in the past. There are lava rocks all over the place as well as some ancient fishponds which is there the people basically farmed their fish. They still have fish in those ponds which is great fun to watch. This is not meant to be a day long excursion because by the end of half an hour, you’ve pretty much seen everything.

Back at our Waikoloa Vacation Rentals resort, we were famished and couldn’t wait to have dinner before heading off to a relaxing bath.

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