Family Trip to Florida? Five Experiences Not to Be Missed

Florida is famed for its fantastic beaches, enthralling theme parks and tempting temperatures all year round. If you fancy Florida for your next vacation destination, be sure to continue reading to avoid missing out on any amazing experiences.

1. Walt Disney World Resort

No one is ever too young or too old to appreciate the magic of Disney. Walt Disney World comprises several theme parks and water parks with no one ever being able to complain of being bored. There is simply so much to do, which is why people visit time and time again. For others, this is a once in a lifetime experience and being why they opt for a 7- or 14-day pass, ensuring there is time to cover everything they want to. As well as meeting all your favorite Disney characters, perhaps even dining with one or two, and experiencing a wide range of rides, you can also go on the hunt for some superb Disney merchandise in one of many shops.

2. Kennedy Space Center

Whether you are a Space enthusiast or have zero knowledge of things beyond our earth, the Kennedy Space Center’s Visitor Complex in Orlando holds a lot of appeal for most, young or old, male or female. There are so many aspects to this wonderful experience, from exploring a genuine moon rocket to the astronaut hall of fame, and from an array of exceptional IMAX movies to live interactive theatrical performances. There are several bolt ons that you can add too, such as special tours and behind the scenes looks. You may even be able to time your visit perfectly and see an actual launch. Imagine being so close to something so remarkable. The complex itself is an enormous 140,000 acres, so a bus will allow you to take the weight off your feet for a little while, ensuring you do not miss out on anything from being unable to move.

3. Dolphin Cruises

Many people dream of seeing dolphins up close and personal, some even wishing to swim alongside them. However, a dolphin cruise is a safe way of witnessing these beautiful sea creatures in their natural habitat. Dolphin watching is a marvelous way to spend time. Be sure to take a camera along to capture the sights and make long lasting memories. Finding out about the history of the area as well as facts about these mammals can be fascinating. And who doesn’t love it when a boat ramps up the speed? Hold on to your hats and enjoy the waves crashing around you. Daytime cruises can be wonderful, but sunset ones magical and certainly more romantic. Watching the sun lower on the horizon while breathing in the salty air can be simply breathtaking.

4. Everglades National Park

Whenever anyone mentions Florida, the Everglades are one of the first things most people think about. This is the second largest national park in the country behind Yellowstone. Consisting of over one and a half million acres of subtropical marshes and swamps, it is definitely worth paying a visit. If you are keen to spot any of the exciting wildlife native to this area, a boat trip here could be absolute perfect for you. From crocodiles to otters, turtles to panthers, there are so many opportunities to capture a glimpse of these stunning creatures. There are many ranger-led trips you can take part in, and as this is one thing you certainly would regret not visiting, you are bound to find one perfect for you.

5. Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Busch Gardens is an African themed safari animal theme park with a lot of appeal. With nine rollercoasters, two water rides and an array of others to test out, you really are spoilt for choice when it comes to this theme park. In addition to the excellent rides for thrill seekers out there, those who prefer to keep their feet firmly on the ground will still have plenty to see and do. From gorillas and chimpanzees to tigers and Komodo dragons, elephants and cheetahs to crocodiles and alligators, the animal enclosures offer an experience not to be missed. The fairly recent addition of the Animal Care Center gives visitors the chance to see the vital work of the Busch Garden veterinarians in the state-of-the-art animal hospital. As well as the usual day to day attractions, Busch Gardens also hosts many special events such as food and wine festivals, live music performances and specific shows for Hallowe’en and Christmas.

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