Ideas on How to Pick the Best Heavy Duty Dog Crate

Why Should You Buy a Dog Crate – Who Needs It?

Having a heavy duty crate for your dog house can be very convenient if you want to give your beloved pet his/her own private home or sanctuary. It is also great for a dog that loves to destroy things when you are not home, or you do not need your pet bothering you while you have visitors. However, it is possible that you have been using the wrong one or will probably purchase one that is unfit for your hound. You can find a lot of dog crates on this website:

The reason is that dogs come in different shapes, sizes, behavioral traits, etc. You can put a pug or even a Lhasa dog breed in a regular crate because they are smaller, less destructive, and tend to be calmer. How about bigger, curious, and more destructive dogs like the rottweiler, American Pitbull Terrier, German Shepherd, etc.? Their inquisitive nature will always tug at them, making them want to sneak out of their crates.

All dogs are smart, but most of these big ones dislike being locked up in a crate, and if you put them in regular ones, they keep chewing it, scratching or hitting it until it gets destroyed. For this reason, you need to get a heavy duty dog kennel that your canine cannot destroy.

So, if you are disinterested in spending money almost all the time to change your dog’s crate, then you should read this to learn how to do it right.

Tips on Picking the Right Heavy Duty Dog Cage

So, you may have the money to get a crate for your destructive dog, but picking the right one seems like a problem for you. You can stop worrying now, the tips that would be listed below would help you make the best heavy duty crate purchase decision when you walk into that dog store.

How to Choose Your Dog Crate

• Lock should be sturdy

Years ago, my very smart German Shepherd dog who disliked being confined in a box would always use his paws to open the crate latch and run out. However, I learned that due to his size, this would continually happen until I get a crate that is heavy duty because they usually come with more secure locks that would be difficult for a dog to pick.

Never replace the secure lock with a padlock. The aim of getting a secure lock is to prevent the pet from running out of the heavy duty crate. It is also easy enough for you to open to let your pet out in case of an emergency.

Ease of Movement

Due to the nature and properties of heavy duty dog crates, they are usually very heavy to move. So, if you want to get one, invest in something that has wheels so that you can move your pup around at your convenience. Also, get a heavy duty crate that has detachable wheels, in case you need to travel with your dog in an airplane, ship, truck, etc.

• Pick a larger-than-life heavy duty crate

Most regular cages are made with mesh wire, which does not stand a chance if a big dog decides to set himself free from his cage. These big dogs simply look for the weak pot of their crate and tear into pieces just to get out. If you must go for a crate, buy the heavy duty dog cage that comes with thick bars that your dog cannot cut with his teeth. It should also be spacious enough to protect the dog very well.

Durable Crate

All heavy duty crates for dogs are made from iron bars for sturdiness and bite-resistant. However, ensure that these sturdy dog crates are not only resistant to dog bites but also corrosion-resistant. It needs to be that way because you would not want a crate that begins to rust away when you wash and disinfect it.

  • • Easy Cleaning

If only heavy duty crates for dogs came with a toilet, it would be a perfect home for your dog, but they do not. So, you may want to consider buying one that comes with a tray so that when your dog does its business, you can easily scoop it away. It may be easier to manage if your dog is potty trained and goes to poo or pee at certain times.

Materials for a Heavy Duty for Dogs

The following points form the list for the best and worst materials to use for a heavy duty large dog crate:

Aluminum (Great): This material is the best for building a tough crate for your dog. It is not only a light material but also will not rust, making it the perfect material for building the perfect home for your pup.

Steel (Great): This material is sturdy, too, especially for outdoor use. However, it is best if you invest in one that has been built with top quality steel material. Most of these steel heavy duty crates for dogs are powder-coated to withstand the harshest weather.

Plastic (Manageable): This kind of crate with mesh wires can work for very little dogs like a Lhasa Apso, but bigger dogs can chew through it.

Wood (Worse): Unless you want to waste your money, do not buy this because most large dogs and even small ones will chew wooden made crates like biscuits, just to get out.

Final Thoughts for Heavy Duty Crate for Dogs

Now that you have learned about heavy duty crate for your dog and their features, you can walk into any store and use the features listed as a benchmark for purchasing the best heavy duty crate you think is fit for your pet. Which heavy duty crate have you purchased?

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