Explore Canada as a solo traveller

There is no more admirable decision than choosing to discover a new place. When the travel bug bites, there is nothing that can hold you back, you only have to choose your next travel destination. The ones passionate about travel choose to go to a place that is out of their comfort zone, because they want to experience a new culture, new values and even a new language. It is a rewarding thing to discover a new place when you travel solo. If you are looking for suggestions then Canada is one of the countries that wait for you. There are many things to explore and the climate is temperate, so you will enjoy the moments you spend there. Canada is home to numerous cities, national parks and heritage sites. It will offer you the perfect mix of urban and natural places to visit.

When should you visit Canada?

The climate is temperate in Canada, and this means that you can visit the region any time of the year. It all depends on your preferences when it comes to weather. If you want to travel during the warm months, then you should plan the trip from July to August. In case you want to visit the Maritime Provinces or the northern area of the Newfoundland then it is advisable to plan the trip from May to October, because during the winter months the tourist infrastructure shuts down. During the winter months, you can travel to Quebec or Ontario. Experienced travellers prefer to organise tours to Canada during the autumn months, because they do not have to deal with the crowds of visitors and the temperatures are warm and pleasant.

What places should you visit?

Canada is one of the biggest regions in North America and there are countless spots to explore. Therefore, it is not advisable to traverse the entire country during a single trip, because you will not be able to enjoy its beauty. You should first explore the places that pose interest to you, because every province has something unique to offer to travellers.

If you like to explore the outdoors

If you are the type of solo traveller who wants to get lost in the nature then you should choose Vancouver as your destination. The weather is pleasant here all the year round. When in Vancouver tourists have the opportunity to see grizzly bears feeding on salmon or the whales swimming in the ocean. If you are a golf lover then you have the opportunity to pay with the natives. In the Stanley Park, you can admire the Totem Poles and the oldest cedars from the region. And because you are a nature lover you should also put on your list the trail on the Grouse Mountain.

If you love rain

If you like long walks in the rain then Alberta, Edmonton and Calgary are top destinations. During rainy days, you can explore the surroundings, but you can also do things indoors. You can check the aquarium in Stanley Park, because it is not only an exhibition of marine life, but also a centre that helps at the conservation and rehabilitation of wildlife. If you are passionate about sports then you should have a hockey game with the locals, they are always welcoming and love to share part of their culture with the tourists.

If you want to relax

The ones who want to relax during their vacation should travel to Nova Scotia. The geographical position of this region makes it the perfect spot for Caravan.com guided tours, because you can visit some of the most important maritime provinces of Canada. If you choose to book a tour then you will have the opportunity to visit Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick. In New Brunswick, you can check the Flowerpot Rocks at Hopewell Cape and have a glimpse at the gradual rise and fall of the Bay of Funny Tides. You will have great relaxing moments on the Prince Edward Island, especially when you will visit the Anne of Green Gables House in Cavendish. If you want to take some breath-taking pictures then visit Nova Scotia during October.

If you love parks

You have 45 national parks in Canada, all you need is time to visit them all. Only an outdoor enthusiast will have the patience to explore all the parks in Canada, because they are simply enormous. If you are a seasoned hiker then you should not miss the opportunity of exploring the pathways in the Glacier National Park in British Columbia and in the Rouge National Urban Park in Toronto.

If you love wildlife

Canada is famous for being the country where you can meet beavers, whales and bears. If you choose the time right, you can have encounters with wildlife animals. You can have a tour in the arctic region of Canada, where you can spot belugas and polar bears, or you can take a trip to the east coast where you can have a view of the 22 species of whales.

What transportation options do you have?

If you want to explore the urban regions of Canada, then it is advisable to avoid the train, because it can take you a long time to get from a point to another. In addition, it is quite expensive to buy train tickets. You should travel by train only if you have time and you book your tickets in advance. The conditions in trains are great on the other hand and they offer free Wi-Fi.

In case you want to travel fast from one place to another then you can take the domestic Canadian flights, but it is important you to note that they can be quite expensive if you do not book the tickets in advance. From time to time, there are promotional tickets and if you plan your trip with a couple of months ahead, then you have great chances to get a great price for the tickets.

You can have a caravan tour if you want to explore Canada guided by someone who knows what the main points of interest are. There are numerous companies that offer this opportunity and as a solo traveller, this is an option you should consider. Also, you have the option of renting a car if you want to be independent, or travelling with the help of the local transport.

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