10 reasons to love Scandinavia

From the expansive European continent, Africa’s many wild habitats, Australia’s coastlines, Brazil to America, travellers always have beautiful stories to tell when they go back home. This post explores as many reasons as any seasoned traveller would give about Scandinavian countries.  Why they are hardly spoken of places, a student looking forward to a breathtaking holiday can order a copy of travel guide from a top assignment help service.

Where are Scandinavian countries?

Having stated that Scandinavian countries are not as much as talked about as world economic power blocks like China, America, France, Russia, Canada and United Kingdom, one would want to assume that they exist far away from the equator or international meridian timelines; perhaps in the extreme parts of the planet.

However, for a reasoned tourist, traveller or globetrotting enthusiast, taking a leap to world’s top beautiful destinations has never been without planning a visit to Sweden, Denmark or Norway. These three nations make up the happiest Scandinavian world, sometimes known as Nordic Countries. However, Nordic is a term that further includes Iceland and Finland, all of which borders the first three.

Moreover, you will be surprised to discover that there is pretty much to see in the Nordic world than most destinations you may have visited. And so, how can anyone convince you to plan a breathtaking holiday getaway to say, Sweden? Well, take a look the next section for more information.

Ten reasons to love Scandinavia

Many people have fallen in love with Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and by extension, Iceland and Finland. Their reasons are not far-fetched.  If you are yet to land in any of these countries, the following reasons will most likely compel you to book the next flight to Scandinavian world of wonder:

1.     Amazing cities

World’s greatest cities always have everything to offer a travel enthusiast. From dinning in top restaurants featured in reputed travel review websites, museums, vibrant public spaces, art centres, cathedrals, shopping boutiques to cinemas, Scandinavian cities like Oslo, Stockholm Copenhagen and others like Helsinki and Bergen, do not only host breathtaking cultural activities but also great destinations for whiling away nights in style in fishing villages and night clubs.

2.     Enjoy Norway’s Fjords and Forests

If you choose to visit Oslo, your journey would be incomplete without a date with its breathtaking Fjords and wild habitats.  The appearance of the Fjords range from snow capped mountain tops to beautiful green slopes descending the coastline from one season to another.

3.     Northern Lights

Anyone who has landed in Norway will tell you that without catching a glimpse of aurora borealis, your journey is incomplete. While sometimes it depends on luck, visiting during October through to March will hardly disappoint. A visit to Norwegian Lapland and Lofoten gives visitors a spectacular view of the Northern Lights.

4.     Amazing winter sports

A visit to the Nordic countries will leave you spoilt for choices during winter.  There are plenty of outdoor activities to partake in Sweden’s Boreal forests, Finland’s Lapland among other areas such as skiing and fishing.

5.     Visit the Archipelagos in Sweden

Sweden is a home to islands, especially in places like Stockholm and Gothenburg. The archipelagos constitute thousands of islands. Visitors enjoy activities such as hiking and kayaking, not to mention dining in some of the best restaurants around.

6.     Some of the least corrupt countries

On Transparency international corruption index, Denmark is ranked top as corruption-free and others like Sweden and Finland tie in third position, Norway fifth placed and Iceland 12th. Well, who wouldn’t wish to visit countries that boast of transparency and accountability?

7.     Scandinavian countries boast of paternal leave policies

Come to think about it. Very few countries give daddies parental leave, but Scandinavian countries do, and of course with lucrative compensations and the most affordable day-care facilities.  It is another reason to fall in love with these countries.

8.     Quality education

A country that invests in quality education is always going to remain attractive in the face of visitors and the world at large, which is another reason why millions of people love the Scandinavian countries.  Finland for instance, has, at some point, topped Pearson’s education index.

9.     They respect journalists

A country that respects her journalists values freedom. For many years now, Scandinavian countries have been ranked top by Reporters without Borders as a place where press freedom is respected, with Norway and Finland being in the lead.

10. Friendly people

A visit to a foreign land is sometimes filled with uncertainty regarding security of tourists and globe trotters.  But, when it comes to Nordic countries, the fact that crime rate is low and that the people in this part of the world are very friendly makes it a place worth liking.

Final Thoughts

There are a dozen plus more reasons to visit the Norway, Denmark or Sweden. For a travelling writer, you can always do online book editor jobs while traversing this part of the world.

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