Top Ski Resorts in Canada That You Have to Try This Winter

Canadian winters start early in the autumn and end late in the spring. These are the perfect coordinates for an unforgettable ski vacation, powdered with snow and sprinkled with fun. With generous volumes of snowfalls, there are plenty of resorts which you can enjoy throughout the winter. But the best aspect of Canadian ski resorts is the fact that they are avalanche-proofed, unlike the slopes in Europe. If you travel from Europe, expect higher costs on your ski vacation.

This is usually due to the flight ticket prices practised by airlines. But above the slightly higher costs of winter holidays in Canada, there comes the impressive value for money which is intrinsic to all resorts here. If you come from the US to enjoy your stay in one of these impressive resorts, you will end up spending less than you would normally do in the US. Canadian vacations have a price index of approximately $800, while US resorts have an index of $1,400. But enough with all this data, let’s get to our top ski resort list.

Fernie, BC

If you’re a real adrenaline junkie, then Fernie in British Columbia is a cult and skiing staple. You’ll be able to enjoy wooded slopes, which are a rare occurrence in Europe, as well as ungroomed territories, unlike in other ski resorts around the world. Now friendlier with beginners, everybody can enjoy a great ski experience in this location. Passionate travellers claim that although the minuses that you can find here exist, you get to ignore them, as the resort gets under your skin. Why visit Fernie on your next winter vacation? Below is a list of great things about this location that will most likely win your heart.

It’s conveniently located. You will easily find accommodation in the resort but also in the town. Regular buses link the two, and if you miss one bus, there will be another in approximately an hour.

• The views. The scenery is a breath-taking one. The resort has two impressive peaks, the Grizzly and Polar. The charming setup will make you want to spend more than a week here.

A charming village. While the town is typically for the locals, given the fact that the resort has developed amazingly over the past few years, you will be able to enjoy some fun bars and incredible restaurants.

Great slopes, above all. The terrain is amazing and you will certainly enjoy a ski experience here, regardless of your experience level.

Sun Peaks, BC

Skiing enthusiasts claim that Sun Peaks in BC is one amazing resort for those with different experience levels. Especially appropriate for those who want to start learning how ski and snowboard work, Sun Peaks is an attractive and friendly location for everybody who needs some relaxation. The vast majority of the accommodation facilities in the resort are ski-in/ski-out, which makes everything incredibly convenient. If you reach this destination, you will be able to choose from three major ski areas. Mount Tod is the main one, followed by Sundance and Mount Morrisey. Mount Tod knew a well-deserved expansion of its slopes in the 2014-2015 season, now accounting with 500 acres more than it previously did. If you still don’t know all the skiing secrets out there, you must know that in Sun Peaks you will find several ski schools open throughout the season. Today, Sun Peaks is one of the largest ski resorts in Canada, after Whistler.

The Sun Peaks Grand is the best hotel where you can stay, according to specialists. Besides having some impressive rooms, fully equipped, the hotel is also conveniently located at the base of the slopes and lifts.

The Northern Escape Heli Skiing Resort, BC

With a surface of 1.4 million acres of powdered ground, you can rest assured that this is one of the safest resorts all over Canada. Northern Escape Heliskiing experiences are widely appreciated by all ski and snowboard enthusiasts. The seasonal snowfall volumes registered each year revolve around 20-30 meters, which is indeed impressive and the snowpack is more than reliable. These experiences have a small group format, which allows you to fully enjoy and profit from the experience. There are three packages that you can choose from. The Classic Package is obviously, the most popular package and allows you to bring your own group. Alternatively, you can also privately book the package. The Elite Package is a more intimate experience because you will be staying in a rustic lodge. For the best experience and value for money, book this package with your group of friends.

The Yellow Cedar Lodge Private Package is the last option that you can choose. But as you can already notice, this package will offer you a premium experience in one of the cedar lodges available. The package is best when booked by groups of 4-5 individuals.

Yes, the snow is incredible and the scenery breath-taking, so hurry up and book a lodge for this winter vacation.

Big White, BC

This may be the best solution if you search for built-for-purpose ski resorts. While the North American ski resorts aren’t particularly notorious for the convenience offered, this gem will make your stay a comfortable and relaxing one, sprinkled with adrenaline, joy and plenty of snow. ALL accommodation facilities in the Big White are ski-in/ski-out and you will find modern and fully-equipped rooms in all hotels and apartments. The snowfall is generous throughout the season, like in other Canadian ski resorts and if skiing and snowboarding isn’t your cup of tea, you can visit the Happy Valley and enjoy an hour or two of ice-skating.

These are four of the best ski resorts in Canada that you will come to love, in spite of their small imperfections. You can always find ski-in/ski-out accommodation facilities, for added convenience. Hit the slopes this year in one of the presented resorts and enjoy generous volumes of snowfall and reliable slopes. The security levels of these resorts beat their European competition with noticeable success.

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