Don’t Forget These Important Tasks When Moving To San Diego

After the nest is empty, maybe you’ve decided to set down roots — at least temporary ones — in San Diego, one of the most beautiful cities in one of the most beautiful states in the USA. You scoured Craigslist and worked with a real estate agent to find the perfect house or apartment. You Marie Kondo’d your possessions until you were able to move almost everything you own in a small SUV. You’re getting closer to moving day, but you can’t help but feel like there’s something you’re missing.

As you know, moving is a complicated process. There are several minor and significant details you need to complete to relocate successfully. Although people remember the main things, they overlook other details that could make their first few weeks in San Diego challenging. Here are a few of those tasks listed below.

Set Up Utility Services

Imagine getting all the way to your new place in San Diego to find out that you don’t have any power, gas, or running water? It could take several days for the utility companies to get your services up and running. If you wait until the last minute, you may find that you have to stay in a hotel until things are resolved. Contact local utility companies in advance. Make them aware of your move-in date and pay any necessary deposits to ensure you have a fully functional house when you arrive.

Change Your Address

Receiving mail in a timely fashion is essential. If you don’t notify the USPS of your address change, it could take weeks to get the necessary documents at your house. Then, you’ll have to make arrangements to return to your old place or have someone send your mail to you. Once you know where you will be living in San Diego and your moving date, put in a change of address request at the local post office.

Shop for Car Insurance

Not all insurance policies are available in every state. If you want to drive around San Diego without any issues, you must have adequate auto insurance coverage. Before you move, check out insurance companies that service your area. Make a list of at least 3-5 companies. Then conduct a background check and use comparative shopping strategies to get the policy that works best for you. Consumer reviews can be your best source of information; look for them online.

Update Your License

The post office isn’t the only place you need to notify of your address change; there’s also the department of motor vehicles. You’ll need to register as a driver in San Diego. Once you do, they’ll provide you with a sticker or an updated license with your new address. An updated license is not only necessary for legally driving but is required for proof of address to register your kids for school and complete the onboarding process at work.

Figure Out Your Finances – But Don’t Stress It!

San Diego is an expensive place to live. But the people who stick it out and pay high rents and mortgages might argue that it’s worth it; after all, the sun is shining most of the time and the whole county is one big playground. You can hike, ride a road bike, ride a mountain bike, go surfing, go sailing, go hang gliding, and lay around on the beach — all with a minimum of effort. There are something like 150 breweries, and some of the best craft beer in the world comes from San Diego. There are parks, museums, symphonies, and more. You probably won’t miss much once you move there! So don’t let the expense deter you from living a permanent vacation lifestyle; after all, with online lenders it is easier than ever to get personal loans if you’re in a pinch.

Select A Reasonable Start Date

While you’ve given your old employer your notice, you can’t forget to share your new employer a start date. Although you’re anxious to start earning a living, you don’t want to start work too soon. Moving is a long and stressful process. Similarly, getting situated in your new place takes time. You have a lot to do, from unpacking to registering the kids for school. Therefore, give yourself time. Consider selecting a start date at least a week or two after you’ve moved.

There’s a lot to get done if you’re going to enjoy your new life in San Diego. While you’re excited to enter this unique experience in your life, you must ensure you’ve dotted your eyes and crossed your tees. After you’ve taken care of the significant tasks like finding a new place and hiring the movers, don’t forget to complete the steps listed above to ensure you relocate to sunny California without a hitch.

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