5 Tips for Travelling with a 2-Year-Old Boy

Every parent is afraid of having the most screaming baby in the bus, train or plane as it may attract other people to stare at them. But, with enough packing, proper planning and baby gears wrapped properly to surprise your baby on the way like toys, you will travel freely.

Make your journey fascinating by applying the following five expert tips;

Dress comfortably

Before you think of making your baby the most stylish one during the trip, think about his convenience and comfort. Your baby clothes should be comfy, warm and easy to change. Boys pyjamas are mostly preferred as they are cosy and very comfortable to sleep with during winter nights.

Also, use comfortable layers. During winter, add more layers to the boy, while during summer, use layers with summer fabrics.

Pack extra clothing

Unlike when travelling alone, kids are known for destroying their clothing, often where they can tear or dirty them. In this way, you will keep changing your toddler from time to time, hence, urge for enough clothing.

Carry enough light and heavy clothes due to drastic temperature changes that you may incur during your trip. Don’t wait to borrow your neighbour a blanket to cover your shivering baby when you had enough time to prepare.

Bring enough food and baby surprises

While travelling with a baby, you need to keep him happy and busy. A hungry baby will never settle; instead, he will cry and make your trip hectic. Hence, carry enough snacks like fruits, biscuits, drinks, vegetables and even pacifiers to keep your baby busy.

Buying travelling toys will also keep your baby active as he will keep playing as babies love toys. Ensure you wrap some toys in attractive wrappers and unwrap them when he disturbs you as the attractiveness will cool him. Also, spoil your toddler with good music, video clips and even play. In short, do everything that will maintain your kid joyful.

Consider your kid health

You don’t need to travel with a sick baby or even contract diseases on your journey. Hence, your baby shouldn’t be under medication, especially vaccines, as some tend to have side effects like rashes and fever. Inform your doctor about your trip to examine your baby, and offer any essential prescriptions while travelling.

Carry a first aid kit with every kid’s medication in its package for easy identification. And some tablets for headaches, as you may experience them after long travels.

Travel early

Don’t wait to travel late in the evening when your baby wants to sleep. Start your journey early before your baby’s sleeping time so that he won’t get distracted when he wants to get a nap. If this is unavoidable, ensure you travel when your baby is happy by feeding him well and changing his diapers. In short, take care of anything that can affect your boy’s joy for a smooth trip.

Sometimes, your baby will cry even after doing everything, but that should not worry you. Do your part, play with your baby, and enjoy the journey. Ensure you book your seat early, and if possible book one for your baby as it’s safe buckling him in his seat than holding him in your lap.


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