8 Ways to Get a Peaceful Sleep at Night

Sleep is a natural process. It is an inactive state of mind which relaxes our body and brain. A sound sleep like regular exercise is crucial for keeping the body and mind healthy. Besides relaxing the body and mind, it recovers the internal loses of the body of the whole day and revives energy.  Conversely, poor and interrupted sleep for a long period ruins your mental and physical health, promotes mood swings, and opens the window for several diseases.

In a world where there is stress and depression everywhere, sleep deprivation has become a common thing. Every other person is devoid of peaceful sleep. This is leading to a widespread disease pattern.

If you are someone who is facing trouble in falling asleep, you are at the right place. Here are some easy life-saving ways to have a peaceful sleep every night.

1. Try a Moon Lamp

Moon lamps are table or hanging lamps inspired and made especially for selenophiles. They illuminate and have a surface pattern and shape just like the moon to give your space a breath-taking look. Cherry on the top, they come in variable sizes and colors.Their soothing and realistic light mimics the moon in just the right way.

People might think that the Moon Lamps are just for decoration purposes, but this is not so. Moon lamps can also induce quick and peaceful sleep. If you have lately found difficulty sleeping, place a moon lamp at your side table or on your central table in your bedroom. A hanging moon lamp can be a great escape and let your child sleep peacefully, especially if you have a cranky child.

2. Reduce your Screen Time

We live in a world of technology where everyone uses several gadgets every day. Some of us even spend our entire day on social media websites. This is a major reason for sleeplessness at night. Electronic devices such as smartphones, TV, laptops, and gaming devices emit radiations not only affect eyesight but also our sleep by making the mind active even at night time.

If you are having a sleep issue, reduce your screen time to half of the previous time. Turn on the eye protection feature of your device and do not use any device two hours before going to bed. You can even consider setting time for your mobile phone to turn off or adding apps to record your screen time.

3. Set a Temperature for Your Bedroom

Studies show that you cannot sleep well in disturbing hot or cold temperatures. You should set a median temperature for your bedroom. If it is summer, cool down your room with an air conditioner or cooler before going to bed. If it is winter, warm up your room slightly so that the cold does not bother and distract your sleep. Therefore, if you need a heating and cooling repair, make sure to find a professional to fix the issues as soon as possible since this could affect your sleep quality. This will all-in-all help you to get comfortable and sound sleep.

4. Reduce your Caffeine 

If you are a coffee or tea person and having sleep issues, you need to reduce your coffee or tea intake. Tea, coffee, and other caffeinated beverages contain caffeine which delays our sleep and keeps us awake. Adenosine is a sleep-promoting chemical produced in our bodies. Its production is blocked by caffeine. So if you want to sleep well at night, reduce your caffeine intake. Try to omit the evening or night coffee and replace it with a glass of lukewarm milk.

5. Paint by Numbers

Overthinking is a root cause of many mental problems. If you are someone who overthinks every situation, builds scenarios in mind, and gets panics for the future, you need to change your mind.

The best option to relax your mind is to paint by numbers. Sounds strange? But it is a cure to your shattered mind.

Paint by numbers painting is a tool kit of painting and a canvas with printed numbers. It is super easy as you are fully guided by the numbers printed on the canvas and the box.

While doing paint by numbers, your mind will be focused on just one point; painting. You will get a sense of achievement when you complete it which will give you satisfaction and ultimately peace of mind.

6. Start your Day with Exercise or Yoga

Even in today’s world, many people think that exercise or yoga is just for losing weight. Well, this is not the case. All the health professionals emphasize that regular physical activity should be part of the everyday routine of every individual. Besides maintaining a healthy weight and regulating body functions, exercise and yoga promote the release of hormones that give us feeling happiness. Our mind gets relaxed, and the negative thoughts go away.

People with sleep issues or insomnia should include exercise or yoga daily in the morning or the evening. This will relax their mind and help them sleep well.

7. Adopt a Healthy Eating Pattern

You are what you eat. If you are fond of fast food and junk food and still expect a good sleep at night, you are wrong. You must adopt a healthy lifestyle and start eating organic, natural, and homemade food to have a healthy sleep. Start with making healthy food choices; choose complex carbohydrates, lean meats, and unsaturated fats and reduce refined sugar, beverages, and packaged foods to once a month. Increase your water intake, especially in summer, and have detox water once a week. Incorporating all these healthy eating habits will surely help to promote a night of good sleep.

8. Set a Sleep-Wake Routine

Consistency is the key to every successful thing. People having sleep problems usually don’t have a sleep-wake routine. They try to sleep and wake at random times during the day and night. This disturbs their body rhythms and causes sleeplessness.

If you are struggling with night sleep, you must set a regular sleep-wake routine. Here are some tips for this:

    • Do not remain awake till late at night; try to sleep early.
    • Wake up early in the morning, at least two hours before going to work.
    • Do a morning walk or exercise.
    • Have a healthy breakfast, including fruits and nuts.
    • Try to have a mid-day nap of 30 to 40 minutes.
    • Take a shower before going to bed.

Take Away

Sleeping well at night is a key element in good health. Sleeplessness weakens our immune system and promotes many diseases. If you are suffering from a sleep issue, you should act promptly to correct it. Adopt a healthy lifestyle and other techniques to bring your peaceful sleep back.

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