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With COVID-19 halting the day-to-day life of billions of people worldwide, the reliance on digital technology is increasing. We have limitless options, such as Skype, Zoom, media streaming, social media, or digital apps, to transfer information from one another. Like any other industry, hospitality too wasn’t immune to the pandemic.

While face-to-face interactions ruled the hospitality industry, relying on those methods amidst growing virus concerns was not something that the industry could afford anymore. So, adopting new measures to adjust to the “new normal” became a necessity. Precisely why the industry saw a change in their traditional business operating model.

Digitalization flourished, which enabled travelers to control their experiences and room environments without compromising their security. Here’s how digital technology is redefining the hotel experience now.

IoTs Transforming Experiences With Smart Hotel Rooms

The level of technology adoption is increasing, so customers expect a seamless experience in every business today. It’s no different when it comes to the hotel industry too. Guests expect to get the full experience and value. Using a smart room enables guests to control their room environment using Hospitality Apps. These apps turn out to be virtual remote control where guests can simply snap a QR code and get connected.

The same app helps guests control TV, temperature, lights, curtains, and a lot more. And that too, without any worries about contracting the virus.

Artificial intelligence Improving Guest Experience

AI solutions with ML algorithms are providing businesses to improve their decision-making abilities. For instance, using chatbots to help guests at every step is resulting in better reviews. Hotel chatbots are helping hotel businesses to create personalized experiences. Plus, guests can quickly get their queries answered without hindering their stay.

Additionally, the same technology helps the hotel industry streamline their booking process and related workflows without missing out on important details. No last-minute cancellations from providers anymore!!

Mobile Applications Driving Next-generation Hotel Experience

With the virus surviving on surfaces for approximately 72 hours, using traditional printed menus or means might be risky. But with technology, guests can easily use their own handheld devices to view their menus and order as per their convenience. It is a perfect solution to give your guests to enjoy their favorite meals without impacting their health. A mobile application is a two-way communication to improve experiences and stay in touch every step of the way.

Besides the restaurant menus, the same app can offer booking options, chat with staff, information about guest services, and other queries. That way, customers can adjust to the “new normal” easily.

A Great Example-Swedish Hotel Guests Enjoying Their Stay With Mobile Access

More than 3,000 rooms at six Nordic Choice Hotels are boasting their uninterrupted customer service with mobile access. The solution is helping customers to check and use their smartphones as room keys.

No-touch required at all! The mobile solution is helping staff to take care of customers’ unique needs. Isn’t that amazing when everyone wants to limit social interactions without limiting their fun moments?

Final Thoughts

Whether it’s creating a smart room and implementing modern technology to improve the hotel experience’s core aspects, COVID-19 is reinventing the hotel experience now. So, travelers who wish to change their day-to-day life must leverage digital technology to improve their experiences. That way, you can enable yourself to follow social distancing parameters and other necessary measures without compromising the required interactions.

So, are you ready to travel to your favorite destination?

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