Calling All Foodies: 5 Delicious Hawaiian Dishes You Have to Try

Are you a major foodie? Are you always looking for cultural dishes from as many locations as possible? Have you ever tried Hawaiian food?

Hawaiian food is often overlooked, but it shouldn’t be. These dishes pack a major flavorful punch that you’ll be sure to love. But which ones are the best of the best? What should you try first?

We’ve narrowed it down to a few of our favorites. Please keep reading for five of our favorite Hawaiian dishes that you need to try.

1. Poke

Poke is probably the most well-known Hawaiian food on the mainland, especially now that many places all over have started poke restaurants of their own.

While this isn’t always true, in general, poke refers to cubes of raw seafood marinated in sesame oil and soy sauce and tossed with ingredients like nori, sesame seeds, radish, and more.

Not all poke has to be seafood. There are even vegetarian versions of poke, so don’t feel limited by your diet!

2. Shave Ice

We’ve all had the shaved ice that comes from a machine and then gets drizzled with too-sweet brightly colored syrups, right?

This is a bit different. This ice is shaved until it’s smooth and soft, unlike the chunky machine ice that you’re used to. It’s flavored with natural syrups and juices and topped with local fruits.

This tasty snack is a can’t-miss dish.

3. Spam Musubi

Yes, this is made from the same spam you get in a can at the grocery store. Don’t be so quick to judge!

In Hawaii, this salty meat is layered on top and underneath sticky white rice. It’s bound together by nori, otherwise known as seaweed. You eat it all in one piece like a sandwich. The bland rice mixed with salty processed meat is a great combination.

4. Saimin

How do you feel about noodle dishes?

You’re probably familiar with ramen, the popular Japanese dish. Most people are more familiar with the instant form, but ramen is a full dish with toppings and a rich broth when you make it at home or buy it from a restaurant.

Saimin is similar. It still has the broth and toppings of ramen, but it uses Japanese egg noodles instead of the classic ramen noodles. This dish will warm you up on a chilly night (and it’s fun to slurp).

You’ll often be seeing broths made from pork, miso, and coconut milk.

5. Lau Lau

Have you seen the images of the roast pigs from Hawaii? That’s lau lau.

Whole pigs are wrapped in leaves and placed into an underground hot rock oven. It cooks all day long. By the end, the pork is soft and tender and ready to eat. Despite the simple cooking method it isn’t lacking in flavor Punta Mita vacation rentals

Have You Tried Any of These Hawaiian Dishes?

These Hawaiian dishes are our favorites; what are yours?

Whether you’re looking for a sweet treat, some great seafood, or the savory saltiness of spam, there’s something for you on a Hawaiian islands food tour.

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