Buying it Right: Tips for Tandem Fishing Kayaks

It’s a great way to experience the outdoors. Fishing has long been a staple of adults worldwide, allowing you the option of feeding you and your loved ones or simply enjoying the mindful and meditative experience of catch and release. And as a couple looking for new ways to explore and enjoy the nature and wildlife around you, kayak fishing is a perfect and exciting fit.

Tandem fishing kayaks offer a committed couple a fantastic way to enjoy this tremendous hobby and passion. Similar to the tandem bicycle, they reward a patient team that’s able to communicate – and they reward it well. Modern tandem kayaks come in many shapes and forms, with different varieties in build and cost providing the prospective buyer with a range of options to suit their funds, travel constraints and transport limitations.

Let’s look at a few points, provided by the team at Wildlife Chase, that will help shape your final buying decision.


Even single kayaks can be weighty, requiring a strong person to carry and a vehicle to move long distances. Tandem kayaks are, unsurprisingly, heavier than this and will tend to fall within the seventy to one hundred pound range.

It’s important to keep this in mind – and to remember that you’ll usually be lifting up and from the top of a vehicle to place and retrieve it. Because of this, when you’re shopping for a tandem kayak, pay attention to the materials used and the final estimated weight. Different construction materials will lend themselves to a lighter finished product and there are alternatives such as inflatable tandem kayaks that can meet your needs should more mainstream materials not suffice.

Length matters

Couples looking for a lighter tandem fishing kayak will often look towards shorter models to help trim down that total weight amount. This can be problematic for the simple reason that shorter tandems aren’t as stable when in water as longer models. A larger, longer kayak will displace more water when in use, providing it with a more anchored feeling and – in general – smoother handling.

You might also find a shorter model to lead to issues with managing your paddles, as the two seating areas will be closer together. Shorter models also tend towards having less storage space, which can be a critical consideration if you are planning longer trips that may also include camping or storing fish.

Teamwork is critical

You guessed it, tandem fishing kayaks reward a pair of level heads and an ability to communicate in challenging situations. It’s a wonderful experience to glide the waters together and they’re fantastic choices for a pair looking to get into kayak fishing, but it is nevertheless important to be ready to work together closely.

A further key point to keep in mind here is whether the two people in the kayak will have different levels of skills in kayaking. If so, a tandem fishing kayak practised in calmer waters can be a great way to bring the two participants towards common ground and a level of skill where they can operate more efficiently together.

It’s a great way to introduce people to kayaking

Many people are intrigued by the concept of kayaking but are scared to go into the waters in a solo kayak and face the potential of capsizing and losing control of their kayak. It’s an understandable fear that can nevertheless stop a person from entering into a wonderful pastime such as kayak fishing.

A tandem fishing kayak can neatly address this issue by allowing an experienced kayak fisher to bring along a beginner in a calm area. With no pressure from fast-moving water and a relaxing day ahead, training on navigation and fishing while in a kayak can be performed. It’s a great way to ease someone into the hobby should they have any anxieties about going it alone.

Good luck!

Tandem fishing kayaks are an investment worth doing right. With a great kayak behind you and a plan on how to use it, they’re a fantastic way of enjoying the thrill and joy of kayak fishing with another person.

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