Build a Better Bike and the World will Beat a Path to Your Door

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that we are getting older?

Once your revolutionary bicycle design is ready for the world, it’s crucial to think about the business side too. Forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC) can be a smart way to protect your personal assets from any business-related liabilities. It can be a bit overwhelming if you’re new to this, so here’s a useful guide on how to form an LLC that takes you through the process step-by-step, ensuring you can focus on what matters most – bringing your innovative bike to the masses.

Could be just me, since I know that the title above is a take-off on mouse  traps. But of course, the truth is we all are whether we like it or not.

That means we should be on the lookout for ways to make this aging business as smooth and painless as possible. I’ll venture not too far out on a limb and say that almost everyone can agree on that.

We might even begin to think we are Batman!

One way we have found to accomplish this is to simply keep moving. Yup, sounds simple, and it is, but it is also wonderfully effective.

No need to scale mountains or run marathons, just make a point to keep your body in motion. One of our favorite ways to achieve this modest goal is to ride bikes. We began this in earnest back when we set out on our empty nest motorhome adventure several years ago and have continued to this day.

Back then it was a good way to get places without having to move the RV once we were settled in somewhere. Then, over time, we became pretty good at riding to do many of our daily errands and the pedaling helped to keep our old joints working and the blood circulating.

How about a bike that keeps you out of the rain?

So now we often try to use our bikes instead of a car, but there are some undeniable stumbling blocks and drawbacks that arise. Such as the times we have been caught off guard and end up pedaling like mad in a downpour while passing cars soak us every time they go by. That’s always fun.

Or the way we have to limit what we can buy when we are shopping by bike. Those specials on the economy size paper towels will not be riding along with us. Not unless we can learn to balance them on our heads while we ride.

How many times have we said, “there must be a better way?” Well, it turns out there is!

It’s called a PEBL by BetterBike. These ingenious little vehicles, known as Micro Car Ebikes, have combined the best of both cars and bikes into smart, healthy, and emission free eco-friendly transportation.

Plenty of room for all our stuff!

Remember how we talked about keeping moving as we get older? Well, these let you do that without exposing anyone, or any cargo, to the elements. One or two passengers, depending on their size, the family dog, or more than half a dozen bags of groceries can all easily ride in fully protected comfort while the driver pedals along at up to twenty miles per hour.

But wait, I can almost hear the questions popping into your head, “What if there are steep grades along the way?”

That’s where the electric motor comes into play. You can pedal as much or as little as you want and the PEBL will climb right up any hills. It is also easy, and especially fun to drive and, because it is classified as a bike, there are no special skills, licenses, insurance, or registrations required.

“OK, so what if I need to go a long, long way?”

Gee, would a hundred miles be enough? Yup, that’s right, with their extra battery power options fifty, or even one hundred miles can be covered on a single charge. The standard model can easily go twenty-five, and that’s if you don’t pedal at all.

Honestly, it’s not meant for going cross country, but for running around town or back and forth to work it certainly has more than enough range.

“But what about bad weather, rain, cold, or even snow?”

The PEBL is fully-enclosable, with optional windshield wiper and heater available, so the elements are not a problem. On warm days it is simple to open everything up for an easy, breezy ride, making it truly an all-weather vehicle.

“OK, I’m almost convinced, but what about the cost?”

We did a little back of the envelope figuring and have come to the conclusion that a PEBL can actually save money. Here’s how, those of us who are used to being two car households can rethink that. Do we really need both cars?

As we get older, it seems more and more like the answer to that question is no. Either we are hardly using one of them or one of us doesn’t, or dare I say shouldn’t, drive anymore. That means we can downsize to one car for the times that only an automobile will do, and use a PEBL for everything else.

How does that save money? We took a look into the figures and according to AAA the total cost to drive a new vehicle is around $800 a month.

It can be a little more or less for older models, but no matter what you drive the PEBL will be saving you money. PEBL’s can be purchased with only a small down payment, and there are no credit checks or finance charges, so it’ll be super easy to be on your way! You can request a FREE information packet HERE.

Feel free to bring the kids, or in our case grandkids along.

We also love that BetterBike is a family run, made in America business. In fact, they are the only fully-enclosed eBike manufacturer still located in the United States. As a special gift to our readers, get $500 OFF any PEBL, simply by requesting the FREE information packet mentioned above.

And while we may not need any new-fangled mousetraps, better or otherwise, we are certainly on board with smaller, quieter vehicles that offer a healthy alternative to driving.

David & Veronica,

We are happy to present this collaborative post to offer valuable information to our readers.

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  1. I think you have a great idea. I know I would love to get one because I don’t drive as much as I did before I became disabled. But a still need to keep my joints moving. I live close enough to town this would be perfect.

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