Anna Ruby Falls, Helen, Georgia

Anna Ruby Falls, Georgia

Anna Ruby Falls was just a few miles up the road from downtown Helen, Georgia.

From the visitor center it is a half mile hike, through a serious forest, up to the beautiful twin waterfalls.

Cascading down Tray Mountain, Curtis Creek drops one hundred and fifty-three feet and York Creek falls fifty before they join at the bottom of the cliffs to form Smith Creek.

Anna Ruby Falls, Georgia

Trees grow out of rocks at Anna Ruby Falls

Along the trail we found an incredible example of the tenacity of life.

This tree was not to be denied by a minor detail like a lack of soil, so it grew to full size from within a crack in a boulder. Amazing.

The hike up the Anna Ruby Falls

A plant grows from the side of a boulder in Anna Ruby Falls

Anna Ruby Falls, Georgia

The hike to Anna Ruby Falls, Georgia

Rattlesnake Warning at Anna Ruby Falls

Helen Ruby Falls is located in the beautiful and surprisingly Germanic town of Helen, Georgia. For more on Helen:

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