A Space for Grandkids by Grandkids & Grandparents

When I was younger, my grandparents always went out of their way to make sure their home was as comfortable for me as my own. While it wasn’t necessarily “KID-FRIENDLY,” they tried their best to make sure that my brother and I kept coming back. I sometimes think back on my childhood and reflect on all of the great things that they did to help us thrive as children and mature into respectable gentlemen. My grandparents on both sides (maternal and paternal) really helped form the foundational building blocks of what I think has helped me get where I am today in life. That really had me thinking though about some of the things they could have done that would have made our time together more fun. (Don’t get me wrong, we had what seemed like countless toys and games.) What I’m talking about is the space that we hung out and slept in.

What if you had a spare bedroom or space in your house that you could reserve for your grandchildren? Wouldn’t it be fun to make it more kid-friendly? They might just want to spend more time with you, and creating a space that they (and you) really enjoy can help toward that. I’m not talking about just the decorations in the room, although that can be a part of the experience with your grandchildren—picking out curtains, wall paper, paint, comforters, pillow cases, etc. that match their tastes. I’m talking about coming up with an activity that all of you can do together to really enhance the experience.

The first thing that comes to my mind is creating a chalkboard wall (because we all know that kids like to write on walls and just about anything they can get their hands on, am I right?). There are tons of different ways you can approach this, but the point is that you can have your grandkids help you with the project

There are DIY kits available that you can purchase, or completely customize that room the way you like. We’ve found that the simplest method is to purchase high-quality chalkboard paint and go to town with it! There are infinite possibilities for this experience that you’ll be creating with your grandchildren. You want to make the room magical for them—and this is definitely a great way to start.

If you’re absolutely stuck trying to figure out how to paint a chalkboard wall in your spare room, there are many resources available for reference. We, too, have created one to help people like you, who want expertise and guidance from a professional. PlatoDIY.com has experts in painting to properly guide you through the entire process. At the end of working with one of our professionals, our hope is that you’ll have learnt how to properly paint and design an awesome chalkboard experience for your grandchildren.

If you want to go a step further, you can go all out on lighting and other tech possibilities. These will work fantastic for those sleepover weekends. You can have a starry skylight projection in the room where the whole room is engrossed by the milky way once the main light goes off. You can even pull out sleeping bags and make microwave smores to get into a ‘camping’ theme. Any grow-up can only take so much of Peppa Pig and Bob the Builder before getting frustrated. To eliminate this frustration, install the grandkids’ own TV with streaming capabilities in their room. Even though they will have their own TV, nothing stops you from going into the room and joining them in their programs. Once the frustration levels rise, take a breather. If you have solar panels, then these additions will not make a difference in your household budget. But if you don’t, just remember to add a couple of extra bucks to cover these treats for your grandkids. 

There are infinite possibilities for your grandchildren’s room at your house. You ultimately have to choose what best fits your lifestyle and goals. We think that enhancing your property for your grandchildren is something that all grandparents should think about, because it truly can enhance your life in more ways than you actually think or know!

David Peterson, PlatoDIY.com

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