5 Best Adventure Holidays Around The Globe

Some people like nothing better than when on holiday to sit back and relax, chilling out by the pool and lazing with a good book, not us though, that’s far too boring. Bring on the excitement and adventure by the bucket-load for our holidays, the edgier the better and with that here are 5 of the best adventure holidays that you can embark upon.

Via Ferrata – The Alps

If you are looking to get a great high mountain experience but are not a world class climber then Via Ferrata routes through the Alps are perfect for this. Via Ferrata translates as “Iron Road” and is a series of ladders, cables, zip wires and rails which were originally built as routes for soldiers during World War I, but now a fantastic way to see the mountains and take in a staggering historical achievement of engineering. There are also many other Via Ferrata around the world as well now so it’s an experience that can be replicated again as well.

Hiking To Machu Picchu

No-one should go to South America and especially Peru without considering hiking to Machu Picchu, it’s one of the most stunning sites in the world and as it’s so remote there is no choice but to hike in, at least for the last bit, you can get close by travelling to the functionally named nearby town of Hydroelectrico (which funnily enough has a Hydroelectric power plant). But to get the real experience you really need to hike in via the 45km Inca Trail which is a real experience and is tough but doable for an experienced hiker.

Motorbike Tours In Vietnam

Vietnam is a country full of rich history and fascinating things to see and do and we have found the best way to achieve this is by bike, adventure motorbikes in Vietnam allow you the thrills and freedom of the open road while still seeing everything you need to. Hiring a bike is relatively easy and once you get going it’s really up to you where you go, the possibilities are almost endless and if you are unsure of this then get a guided tour and still experience the same excitement with the added value of an expert showing you where the best places are.

Kayaking In The Norwegian Fjords

We love holidays travelling around as I’m sure you’ve guessed by now and the usual biking or hiking are great but if you can add a bit of water to the mix then it just adds yet another fascinating aspect to the trip, Kayaking in the Fjords you can travel around, camp and see stunning scenery ad visit interesting places.

Volunteering: Gives A Unique Adventure

If you consider volunteering you can see that you will be able to visit places that are not on the tourist trail, meet real local people and find out about their lives and, more importantly, make a real difference in another communities life. Take the example of this ‘voluntourism’ trip to Tanzania where we are able to work and live in a local community, this is just not the type of experience you can get by walking into a travel agent.

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