A Safe Road Trip: Tips to Protect your Eyes, Hair, and Skin

This year’s summer is a little different from the ones you have been living in the past. As the pandemic keeps spreading, there are ways of enjoying a safe trip with your family that does not involve risks. However, even if you can feed your travel bug and feel satisfied by going on a trip near your home, there are other safety tips. While this new way of traveling and enjoying your summer holidays might not involve a high risk of contagion, there could be other factors that can threaten the safety and comfort of your family camping trip. Protect your loved ones with the easy tips below.

Look After Your Eyes’ Health with Sunglasses

Firstly, even if you can’t fly to exotic destinations like India, Mexico, Brazil, or Thailand, it would be reckless not to protect your eyes. Indeed, the sun can be just as strong in an area near you, depending on where you live. And, prolonged exposure to UV rays can cause serious – and sometimes long-lasting damage to your eyesight.

Naturally, while on holiday, you will want accessories that compliment your outfits and enhance your look. Luckily, thanks to stylish sunglasses that complement the shape of your face and your favorite tones, you can enjoy the perfect outfit while protecting your vision.

Finding the right pair of glasses or sunglasses that can offer you protection from the sun rays while enhancing your look is not easy. That is why you should consult a professional or visit website’s pages that are built to help you identify and buy the right pair for you.

Lastly, you could consider wearing safety glasses while on your trip. There are many reasons for travelers to invest in such an accessory. While they might not have been on your list of priorities, it is time to add them to your pre-trip shopping list!

Bring Sunscreen

Just like in sunglasses, you won’t need to travel miles across the world to perceive the damaging effects that exposure to sun rays can cause to your skin. Investing in high-quality sunscreen can help you add a protective layer to your skin. Simultaneously, such a simple addition can offer you unparalleled peace of mind – especially if you are traveling with little ones.

When buying sunscreen, make sure you are investing in mineral sunscreen lotions, and not chemical ones. Aside from being much safer for your skin health, they can be used safely on babies older than six months. One of the added benefits of these sunscreens is that they are safe for marine life – an excellent choice if you are trying to live more sustainably!

Bring Moisturizer

While you might have managed to put together a small travel bag with some makeup essentials, you should not forget that your skin will go through a lot while traveling! Wind, dust, less sleep, and more activities can cause you to end up with dry skin. If you indulge in some types of foods you are not used to or are spending hours sunbathing, your skin condition can worsen within hours!

Having a small box of moisturizer with you during your holiday can help you look after your skin while enjoying your holiday!

Eye Drops can Help you Fight Dust.

If you are enjoying a road trip, it would be impossible not to consider the amount of dust that you will encounter. While you might be ready with enough changes of clothes to look stylish no matter where your road trip takes you, your eyes might end up being under stress.

As we have seen above, opting for wearing safety glasses can offer you an initial level of protection. These can also be stylish, which means that you can make the most of any environment, independently from how dusty or sandy it is. Beach days, hiking trips, or excursion to the desert – they are all accessible now!

However, another option to consider is bringing eye drops with you. They can help you fight some of the symptoms of allergies and keep your eyes fresh and moisturized.

Have a Lip Balm with You

Like in the case of your skin, your lips can take a hit when you are traveling. Especially on camping trips, when you won’t be able to benefit from high-standard toilet and bathroom facilities, you should always have a natural moisturizing blend with you to look after your lips.

If you have forgotten to buy a high-quality lip balm and you are already on the road, you can make an all-natural version with some simple ingredients such as beeswax or coconut oil. If you are already on the road or in the car, you can pick up these ingredients at any well-stocked store and make one in 10 minutes.

Wear a Hat or Head Scarf

Lastly, it is essential to look after the health of your hair. If you had been thinking about enjoying a 5-star holiday in a luxury hotel in the Maldives, you might have had all this looked after. However, due to the current travel restrictions, you might have to do with the bathrooms and facilities of a camping site not far away from the total wilderness.

In these situations, looking at your best might not be the number one priority. However, once the holiday it’s over, you should not have to fight to regain the soft, shiny hair you had before a holiday on the road. While the stars in some 50s movies had it all figured out, there are some new ways to wear a headscarf or a hat that can only benefit your look – of course, while protecting your hairstyle!

If you don’t know what would work for you or what situations you will be in, the best option is to have a more casual hat and an elegant silk scarf for a more exclusive occasion. In this way, you can get you ready for any environment and situation, independently on the dress code required.

While these protections for your hair, eyes, and skin on a road trip might require a little attention, they can help you enjoy your trip without worrying about any health-related consequences when you are back home!

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