5 Essential Reasons For Travelers to Wear Safety Glasses

So you’ve planned out a perfect getaway with friends & the vibe feels so perfect, but did you think about how to protect your eyes on the go? Eye safety is something that’s often taken for granted by globetrotters. According to the Vision Council of America, thousands of sports-related eye injuries happen every year that could be easily prevented by wearing eye protection.

Hence, it makes every bit of sense to take responsibility for keeping your vision safe from any unforeseen hazards that may arise. In the same vein, here are five key reasons why you should wear prescription safety glasses during any trip.

1. Shatterproof Protection

Top quality eye protection PPE are ANSI Z87.1 rated, which makes them almost shatterproof against hazards that entail any risk of blunt force trauma injury. Protective eyeglasses offer you an edge over regular eyewear that may not be as durable to provide a respectable level of safety assurance. A slight mishap can induce devastating consequences on the unprotected eye, which is why you’ll be doing yourself a favor by getting a pair of ANSI rated eyewear.

2. UV Protection

Our eyes are exposed to UV (Ultraviolet) rays contained in sunlight, overexposure which can lead to long term eye conditions such as macular degeneration & cataracts. To protect against this, polycarbonate lenses used in protective eyeglasses, block out UV rays from entering your eyes with a 100% effectiveness. This means you can spend as much time outdoors without having to worry about your eyes getting hurt.

  1. 3. Enhanced Visual Appeal

Eye protection comes in all kinds of styles, thus letting you choose a shape that closely resonates with your own style. For sports enthusiasts & travelers, the wraparound shape is a popular choice due to its sporty look & a snug fit that prevents the glasses from slipping or sliding forward. Moreover, it offers a wide lateral view which is crucial for travelers to stay aware of their surroundings.

4. Vision Correction

Most prescription glasses come with lesnes made out of glass, which is prone to shatter easily. Whereas polycarbonate material is sturdier & robust enough to be the ideal choice for people who spend their time outdoors. Furthermore, most protective eyewear lets you add prescription for the sake of visual acuity. This offers a one size fits all solution for anyone who needs vision correction in their eyes without worrying about their eyeglasses’ robustness. Thus, you will be enjoying the best of both worlds.

5. Lens Add Ons

When choosing safety eyeglasses online, several websites let you customize your eyewear that best suits your needs. For instance, if you’re constantly facing the problem of fogged lenses, you should get an anti-fog coating to help you see clearly in times when extreme temperatures are prevailing. You can even add an anti-scratch coating in your eyewear to make it last longer. On the whole, feel free to add as many lens coatings to experience the perfect visual acuity & protection.

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  1. Simply want to say your article is as surprising. Thanks a million and please keep up the gratifying work.

  2. I’m a traveler myself. The places I’ve visited this year are quite hot in temperature, particularly a few south American countries. I can totally relate to what’s written above as an excessive amount of sunlight can really mess your eyes up. The simplest way to this is to wear sunglasses that come with polycarbonate lenses. I usually prefer my ray bans as I like their vintage aesthetic. For most people, sports sunglasses can be a suitable choice. Wearing a stylish pair of glasses is very important for me because I post most of my travel pictures on Instagram.

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