A Guide for Choosing the Right Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

A pair of sunglasses isn’t only an essential lifestyle accessory but also a great piece of protection for your eyes and face. Many people wear sunglasses as a fashion statement while others do wear to avoid the destructive and uncomfortable direct glare from the sun. Regardless of the reasons, you want to look presentable with any pair of sunglasses you choose to wear. Below is a detailed guide on how to choose the perfect sunglasses for your face shape. Here, we don’t just suggest a pair of shades and make you believe it’s what you want. We make it a priority that you understand why you’ll have to be selective every time you are shopping the market for the right sunglasses.

Determine your face shape 

This is the first step you would want to consider before making any progress in the selection process. The sunglasses market is flooded with various options, some of which are just mediocre and not worth spending your time on. That said, knowing your face shape isn’t as complicated as it sounds. There are generally four basic face shapes most of which can be identified easily. These are square, oval, round, Diamond/heart face shapes. To quickly determine your face shape and fit it into one of the four categories; try to identify the widest part of your face- whether your forehead, cheeks or chin.

Two most common is the heart or diamond shape which features a narrow chin with wide cheeks and forehead. The oval shape is identified with the wide cheeks, but narrow chin and forehead. The other two may not be common and can be hard to distinguish from the rest. One is the almost square shape with a wide forehead, cheeks, and chin. Round shape, on the other hand, comes with wide cheeks, but rounded forehead and chin.

Know the types of sunglasses, designs, and parts

Not every pair of sunglasses has been designed the same as the other. Sometimes, your face shape doesn’t look great with the fancy curves or the overtly ambiguous frames. Maybe you want to look a different version of yourself by rocking those celebrity sunglasses, but you also don’t want to look lost in the creative process. Here, all you need to do is know what works for you and what to avoid. Before choosing your pair of shades, it’s important that you acquaint yourself with the various parts of sunglasses so you can make informed decisions on the frame types, shape, style, gradient and the other design aspects. Apart from understanding the various parts making up the fit and feel you’re looking for, it’s necessary that you learn how to sort the lens color and tints, frame materials, coatings and even how to care for your sunglasses. There are different designs of sunglasses; from the aviator, classic, butterfly, cat-eye, round, seamless, to the sport types. Before you pick one, you first need to fit and see the types that complement your looks.

Fitting your face shape

Once you know your face shape, you can comfortably proceed to the market and choose from the various samples. For the rounder face shape, a good rule of thumb is to pick frames that are wider, with a rigid structure. This will help elongate your face giving a good overall impression. Square-shaped glasses or those with rectangular edges are great for this face shape since they create a thinner illusion.

A square face shape should look good with an oval or round shape sunglasses. The idea is to lengthen and soften the face’s natural angularity. What this means is that shades with smooth curves balance the sharp appearance of the linear square-edges. If you have this type of face, pick your sunglasses from any of the following; aviators, butterflies and round types.

Oval shaped faces are the most versatile and fits nearly all types of sunglasses. This doesn’t, however, mean that you can just pick any type and expect the impress the masses. Of course, they are those that work best and the least fitting. The goal here is to maintain the natural balance by wearing some symmetrical shades. A good example of the perfect sunglasses is one with rigid frames on the upper part and a smooth rounded curve on the lower portion.

Just like the oval shape, the heart or diamond face shape enables you to get away with nearly all the types of sunglasses; framed or frameless, rigid or smooth, rectangular or oval. Anything that pops out and adds a touch of personalization to the overall appearance is perfect for this face shape. The thick-framed glasses, vintage styles or the larger classics can do just great.

Apart from the above factors, there is another important aspect of the frame and the shades selection process, and that is the proportion of the size of the glasses. With frame and face shapes, you would want to find the perfect contrast, but with glass/frame size and face size, you want a perfect match. Finding the perfect glass size, sometimes, requires some trial and error since a majority of the shades in the market comes with limited and unspecified size variations.

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