A Guide on Choosing the Best Pokémon Card Set

Once you’ve had an idea of playing Pokémon, the next step will be to buy the cards. This can be a challenging endeavor because there are overwhelming options available. It is usually recommended that you’re getting several theme decks when unsure of what to go for. That way, you’ll not have to worry about making the wrong decision on the choice of the card set. You can shop at Unplugged Gaming for a variety of options. It will be pleasing to note that there are pre-made decks that are ready to play out of the box. This is very important for beginners that are just starting out.

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Booster Packs and Boxes

Being a trading game, players are expected to collect cards and play against each other. One of the main ways you can collect such cards is through booster packs. A typical booster pack will consist of 10 cards, similar to what you’d get in baseball cards. There is a rarity to each card and will range from the most common (most frequently used or included) to the super rare. The standard distribution that you’re likely to get in a pack will include 1 rare, 3 uncommon, and 6 common cards.

Booster packs are mostly released in sets. You can expect to get new sets four times if you’d want to take the game seriously. There is a fixed number of cards which each set, which is usually 200 cards. The type of set will be clearly indicated when you buy a booster pack. There is a high chance that you could be having rare cards if you frequently buy booster packs from your local store or online.

You’re likely to hear the term playset when you start playing Pokémon TCG. Playset refers to when you have four copies of a card. For this to be possible, you’ll need to have at least 240 booster packs. This could be daunting as only four sets are released on a yearly basis. There are not a lot of players that will try and collect every card that is released as it can be hard to keep up. There are a couple of ways you can approach the collection process and we’re going to highlight some of them.

Pokémon TCG

There is an infinite number of cards to collect but the game will be more fun when you pick up a different theme deck. If you’re new to the game, you can pick recent releases for the best experience. Once you start loving the game, the best way to build your collection is to keep a tab of future sets. It is not always recommended to try and look for booster boxes from older sets. The number of boxes you’d want to buy will mostly depend on your budget and the gaming experience you want to achieve.

Buying a booster box: You should expect to get a variety of cards when you buy booster boxes on a regular basis. It is also the right approach to take if you’ll not be playing the game competitively.

Buying two or three boxes: You can expect to get a solid number of rare cards and even a playset if you’re lucky when you buy two or three boxes. If you’re looking to play in a tournament, there is the opportunity to trade common and uncommon.

It doesn’t make any sense to go beyond five boxes unless you’re also collecting on behalf of someone else. You will get some rare chase cards in some sets but when you get to the fourth or fifth box, you’ll most likely get the same ones. This approach is therefore ineffective if you’re buying the boxes for collection purposes.

Keeping up with the latest sets might seem like a challenging chore. What if you could get everything in one go? There are Booster Box Subscription options so that you’ll not have to miss a single thing. You only get to pay for a subscription whenever there is a new release.


Getting the best Pokémon card set will all come down to personal preferences. Will you be playing casually or entering into competitive tournaments? You shouldn’t worry about past Booster Boxes as they’re not as valuable as a lot of people think. We hope you’ve found this guide useful if you’re just starting out with Pokémon.

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