Top Sights to See in Japan

Japan is a country that is crammed with incredible things to see and do. In fact if you only have a short trip planned, chances are that you will have to miss out some sights that are considered a must-visit.

To help you narrow down your options, here are just a few of the most amazing aspects of the country to check out on your very own Japanese adventure.

Soak in the atmosphere of Harajuku

Internationally renowned for its quirky fashion and youthful vibrancy, Harajuku is a district of Tokyo that needs to be seen to be believed.

It is particularly perfect for people watching, and the bustling Takeshita Street is where you can see all that pop culture in this part of Asia has to offer.

From cosplay fanatics dressed up to the nines in outfits that are intended to turn heads, to people using the latest tech to do everything from play オンラインカジノ (online casino) games to control smart, wearable devices, it is a world of light and colour.

Marvel at Tosho-gu Shrine

The city of Nikko is close to the top of the ladder in terms of cultural and historical significance in Japan, and the Tosho-gu Shrine is just one of its treasures that you will want to tick off your list during your trip.

The intricate and ornate pagodas which tower over the thousands of visitors who pass through every day are an excellent indication of what much of Japan looked like in bygone centuries. If you want to get an even more engaging look at life in the Edo period, there is even an entire theme park dedicated to recreating this experience for modern audiences.

Make your way up Mount Fuji

More often pictured from afar rather than experienced up-close, Japan’s highest peak is definitely worth tackling in the flesh if you want to drink in the gorgeous views it offers those who hike up its well-maintained paths.

It is such a popular destination that you may even have to queue at certain bottlenecks on the way, so if you want to avoid the crowds, steer clear of a trip during August.

Even if you do not want to trudge right to the top, there are a number of trails that you can use to ascend part way up Mount Fuji. So long as the weather is fine, the overview you get of the surrounding landscape will take your breath away.

Explore Japan’s martial past at Kamakura

Samurai are known around the world for their fierce fighting skills and loyalty to their masters, and Kamakura is the place to go if you want to see the part of Japan where the culture surrounding this warrior class evolved.

As a counterpoint to this, it is also the region in which Zen Buddhism first took root, so if you are more interested in exploring peaceful places of worship then there is also a lot to enjoy here for you.

Saunter through the bamboo forests of Arashiyama

Bamboo is an impressive plant that is becoming important as the drive for sustainability increases globally. It is also a staple of the Japanese landscape in certain areas, and Arashiyama is one place you can go to see what a forest of the stuff looks like up close and personal.

Conveniently positioned close to Kyoto, you can see all you need in an afternoon and be back at your accommodation in time for an evening of your choosing. This is key to a successful trip to Japan; carefully planning your itinerary to squeeze everything in.

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