A Complete Guide to the Benefits of RN to BSN Online Courses

Earning an RN and getting started working as a nurse is incredibly exciting. For some, though, it’s just the beginning. Many choose to continue their educations to further their careers, improve job prospects, and learn how to be even better nurses.

Completing an RN to BSN program online makes it easy enough for just about any registered nurse to take the next step. Read on to find out about just a few of the benefits of RN to BSN online courses that help to explain how.

Flexibility and Convenience

Earning a bachelor of science in nursing degree is never easy. However, completing an RN to BSN program online is much more convenient than going to classes in person. Students will enjoy much more flexible schedules that make it possible to pursue continuing education without having to take time off from work.

Online degree programs are generally set up specifically with working adults in mind. They’re flexible, convenient, and perfect for students who have commitments outside of the classroom. Plus, nurses that complete their BSNs online will still get all of the same benefits from the program as those who earned bachelor’s degrees prior to becoming RNs.

Greater Range of Career Options

Not all nurses love working in hectic hospital settings, and getting a BSN is the ticket that opens the door to a wider range of employment possibilities. Nurses that want to pursue careers in case management, teaching, or administration should have no trouble finding work in their preferred fields after they’ve completed their online BSN programs.

Nurses that want to continue in clinical practice benefit just as much from completing online BSNs. They’ll be able to pursue more specialized work and get jobs at facilities that currently require BSNs, the number of which is rising each year. Given that some states, including New York, have already adopted what’s known as the “BSN in 10” law, requiring all practicing nurses to obtain a bachelor’s degree, there’s also a possibility that, in the future, all nurses will need to complete these kinds of programs.

Better Clinical Outcomes

There’s a reason many facilities are starting to require BSN degrees, and it’s that research shows having the degree improves clinical outcomes. Nurses who hold BSNs are better prepared to tackle anything that comes up in their daily practice. RN to BSN programs teach things like critical thinking, leadership skills, and case management, all of which can be brought to bear in difficult situations.

Enjoyable, Interactive Learning Experiences

Online programs are great for people who enjoy interactive learning. Instead of just sitting in a classroom or lecture hall listening to instructors talk, students will be able to interact regularly with faculty members and other nurses, providing a more enjoyable, and often more effective, learning experience. Plus, as BSN students pursue their degrees, they’ll be able to put all of the knowledge they gain each day to good work in the field at their current jobs.

Start Investigating Programs

Nurses who are ready to take the next step to further their careers will find they have plenty of options. However, since it takes some time to investigate online schools, prepare applications, and go through the various administrative processes required to sign up for courses, there’s no better time to start than now. Find information online, read through some testimonials from other students, and don’t be afraid to reach out to a school’s admissions department for additional information.

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