How to Explore 5 Glamorous Places In Riyadh Through Almosafer

Exploring Muslim countries is one of the most exhilarating experiences for Muslims all around the World. The Muslim countries contain extremely sacred sanctities as well as wonderful architectural places to visit that wonders the people’s minds. Not only Muslims but also non-Muslims also visit to see the historical locations and glamour of the Muslim World.

So, Riyadh is one of the most holiest and beautiful cities that has a lot of diverse attractions to visit. It is the city that is considered the kingdom of Saudia Arabia. It is engrossed in wondrous attractions such as Al Masmak Fort, Deerah Souq, The National Museum, Sky Bridge At Kingdom Centre, and many more. It is a worthy tour to plan if you want to explore Muslim World. Navigate your favourite Almosafer flights to Riyadh to make your travel quick and flowy.

As booking flights that are of reasonable price and accurate information is one of the crucial elements to make your travel possible. Thus, the Almosafer travel brand in the Middle East is the one that happen it possible to provide the latest, accurate information, and a quick process.

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Book Almosafer Flights To Riyadh To Visit Top Glamorous Places

Riyadh is a city engrossed in many historical places and rich in architectural attractions to visit. It is the capital of Saudia that is the centre of modern destinations and ancient remnants of the old city of Riyadh to visit. If you want to travel to the modest Muslim world, you must plan a trip to Riyadh.

Moreover, to book the best and the cheapest tickets, prefer Almosafer flights which have its office in Riyadh as well to make the travel extremely smooth for the visitor. So, just be quick and book your Almosafer flights to Riyadh to see the wonderful attractions. Here we have listed some of the most beautiful places in Riyadh to explore. 

1. The National Museum

The historical National Museum is located near the Murabba Palace. It contains in it the historical architects and ancient artifacts in it. The National Museum is located in a modern building and it is a part of king Abdul Aziz’s historical centre.

It contains all the ancient cultural amnesties and artifacts that depict ancient Arabic culture and is worth seeing Arab culture. It has the old architects, pre-Islamic trade routes, old fossils and everything related to Arab history.

Moreover, to illustrate the meaningful history of Arabic culture in the National Museum, it has the availability of audio-video presentations playing in there. The ticket costs are very reasonable as even it is free for children and costs SAR 10 for adults.

2. Diriyah 

Diriyah is a historical destination that is located in the Northwest of the city of Riyadh. Diriyah was the first capital of Saudia and the home of the Saudi Royal family. Once, it was the largest city on the Arabian peninsula but in the 19th century during the longest siege between the Ottoman empire and Saudi clashes, it was destroyed.

UNESCO has considered it among the World Heritage sites. However, now it has become a tourist destination to wonder about and explore ancient Saudi architecture and beautiful parks. Book your Almosafer flights to visit this beautiful destination in Riyadh!

3. Sky Bridge At Kingdom Centre

The sky bridge is located at the 50th building of the Kingdom centre. The kingdom centre is the 3rd tallest building in Riyadh and the sky bridge at the top gives the most glamorous and enhances the view of the city of Riyadh. It presents a beautiful mesmerising view of Riyadh from around 300 meters from the bridge. The bridge is worth visiting both during the day and at night.

As it is located at the top of the Kingdom centre, so at the base of the centre you can visit diverse luxurious brands of your interest. It is one of the worth places to must visit in Riyadh. Book your Almosafer flights to see this beautiful place!

4. Al Faisaliah Tower

Al Faisaliah tower is the 4th tallest building in Riyadh after the kingdom centre. It has the traditional geometrical shape of Arabian architecture. The uniqueness of its architectural style is that its tip narrows as it goes upward to the sky. Moreover, the colossal golden ball adds to the unique architecture of the tower.

Just like the sky tower, the top of the Al Faisaliah also presents a beautiful view of Riyadh from around 267 meters above. The view is stunning both day and night but the tinking lights at night add to the wonder of the view.

Moreover, it bases a lot of luxurious brands on luxury products. Book your Almosafer flights to Riyadh to visit this beautiful tower!

5. King Abdul Aziz Historical Centre

King Abdul Aziz’s historical centre in Riyadh is the best depiction of Saudi History. It engrosses in it the unique historical attractions. It is built in a modest architectural style and is surrounded by wonderful places like Murabba palace, Al Masmak Fortress, etc.

Moreover, there are many ancient places including a courtyard, an ancient car collection, a water towel, and old majlis. However, the centre is now the true depiction of the Arabic culture in modern Riyadh. You can visit this historical centre by booking Almosafer flights to Riyadh. 


Riyadh as the capital of Saudia Arabia is comprised of many historical places and wonderful architectural attractions that wonder one’s mind. It has destinations that are the true depiction of ancient Arab culture. The historical wonders and the ancient attractions are worth enjoying.

Book your Almosafer flights to this glamorous city of Riyadh to explore the wonderful and heart-stirring attractions. Book your flights now!

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