A Bloodcurdling Buffet – 12 Frightful Foods of the World

How about a terrifying tour of the globe just in time for Halloween? We’ve consumed these dozen frightening foods from around the world… so you don’t have to.

Baked House Pet – Cuy

What would-be werewolf wouldn’t wildly wolf down a cute and cuddly creature? Cuy is Guinea Pig – yes just like the pets. Traditionally eaten in the highlands of Peru on special occasions, but this time of year, when the moon is full… oauooooh, ouh, ouh oauoooooh.

Cuy is Guinea Pig - yes just like the pets - and is traditionally eaten in the highlands of Peru on special occasions.Found grossing out tourists near Machu Picchu

Rocky Horror Oyster Show

What sort of outrageous ogre goes around eating the reproductive organs of innocent animals? Rocky Mountain oysters, considered a delicacy by many Montana mountain folk, are made by slicing and frying — you got it — bull testicles.

Rocky Mountain OystersMore on this delicacy and the Testicle Festival

Voodoo Donuts

Portland Oregon’s breakfast of champions, for sorcerers that is. Nothing hits the spot like a “Voodoo Doll” with a pretzel stick through his heart, bleeding raspberry-blood filling. Our little chocolate frosted supernatural pin cushion was a-dough-rable, and tasty to boot. Best of all, curses don’t cost extra.

Voodoo DonutsMore on Voodoo Donuts in Portland, Oregon 

The Legend of The Footless Chicken

What sort of maniacal monster does this to a chicken? In the lore of dim sum stands chicken feet. There’s not really much to gnaw on, just skin and bones. We won’t be petitioning The Colonel to sell them by the bucket.

Chicken FeetSpotted creeping through Victoria, Canada

The Vampire’s Favorite – Blood Sausage

Warning, may cause the Transylvania Two-Step… even in Spain. True story, when we asked our waitress what it was, she mimicked slitting her wrist. Didn’t make it more appetizing!

Blood Sausage in SpainWe gobbled as many tapas we could get our greedy mitts on in Barcelona, Spain

The Heart Attack – Deep Fried Cheeseburger

This CPR inducting, defibrillating, rib spreading bang for your buck has got to be the Triple D Burger at Michigan’s Gizzard City. A whopping third pound of ground cow topped with onions, pickles, tomatoes and American cheese, dipped in batter and doused in hot grease. Bun and all. Better hope that sexy nurse at the next table isn’t just dressed up for Halloween!

Deep Fried CheeseburgerSee The Unhealthiest Menu on the Planet

Eat Your Heart Out. And Your Lungs.

A meal fit for a zombie. We spotted Beuscherl on the menu, which was translated into English as “Salsburgs Calf’s Lights served with Dumpling.” Without the slightest idea what “Calf’s Lights” might be, we ordered it. Our waitress must have seen this mistake made before, because she immediately asked, “You do understand that this is heart and lungs of baby cow?” Bet she’s grabbed a torch and chased a monster back to the castle a time or two.

Ingested in Salzburg, Austria

Creepy Crawler Trick Treats – Scorpion Lollypops

Every little ghoul’s favorite snack, bugs! Yes, these “suckers” (bada ching!) are edible. The chewy center tastes like chicken… we wish.

Scorpion LollypopsFound lurking in souvenir shops in Arizona

Headless Horseman Cheese

Now we know where ole Ichabod’s head ended up. Head Cheese, meat jelly made from the head, with chunks of meat tossed in. We can only hope it’s not human meat.

Head CheeseCreeped us out on market day in Wangen, Germany

Fee Fi Fo Fum, Dine On The Bones…

Bone chilling, this dish is called “Bone Marrow Pudding with Tongue in Cheek Marmalade” — and it’s exactly what it says it is. When haunting The Riverwalk in San Antonio look for it. We did and were devilishly delighted. Delish!

Bone Marrow Pudding with Tongue in Cheek MarmaladeFor more on our San Antonio Riverwalk Appy Crawl

A Horrifying Blunder – Bacon Dipped in Chocolate

Sweet and salty deliciousness? Crunchy, chocolatey culinary delight? Uh. No. Midwestern madness. Terrifying tummy torture. Watch the video below and PLEASE tell us that this is simply a Frankenstein food experiment that went terribly, terribly awry!

Experience the festival where we found this culinary gem

Platter of Entrails – Argentine Barbecue for One

A meal fit for a monster. We found most of it barely edible, a bit of a ghastly gastric experience. Tripe, sweetbread (which is a fancy name for pancreas or other mysterious glands), kidney, some kind of intestines or something and, udder? Holy cow! Literally, holy cow!

Lots of tricks and very little treat.

Platter of Entrails - Argentine Barbecue for OneCautiously nibbled upon in Buenos Aires, Argentina

YOUR TURN: Got a fiendish favorite?

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11 thoughts on “A Bloodcurdling Buffet – 12 Frightful Foods of the World”

  1. Oh no you dident—(snapping fingers while moving hand up and down in disbelief). The only one of which I’ve partaken is blood sausage—(morcilla) in Colombia—a country in which I was also introduced to “pata”—a gelatinous mess of cow hoof. Yum—NOT!

  2. I’ve eaten 7/10, and would quite happily go for the Voodoo Doughnut and chocolate bacon, but the deep fried burger just doesn’t appeal.

  3. Being a German (in exile) I must defend those awful- looking sandwich- fillers. I swear nowadays they are mostly made from ham! No, seriously, I kid you not. Mostly.
    Other than that, I have just decided that food is wildly overrated- I’ll go on a liquid diet for a while. Burp. It’s not that I mind scorpions, but licking them is just that one step too far out.

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