7 Tips to Experience Barcelona Like a Local

Barcelona is a brilliant city – a vibrant and colorful mix between the regal past and dazzling present. Exploring Barcelona can be anyone’s cup of tea – after all, thousands of tourists routinely flock to the town for its multidimensional attractiveness, but to explore it like a local is an art, which you must know. Fortunately, we’ve done the research and here you are with the results. Read on:

1. Go Natural at Parc Natural De Collserola

The Parc Natural De Collserola is one of the most pristine, but underrated green patches in all of Spain. Locals know this place very well, but they’ll keep it a secret from the rest of the world, so that the large crowds don’t come over to destroy the serenity. You, however, have an advantage – we’ve told you the secret – join the locals in this park for some peace.

2. Tasty Tapas

Have a few tapas. Or not so few. Tapas are available everywhere, but since we’re talking about being local, you probably don’t want to waste time and your dime on small, overpriced ones. Different places around the city will lead you to the very best experience of having tapas that you could think of. Maybe if you need to know these places better, a guided tour could be of help. Look up for guided tours Barcelona here and begin your journey today!

3. Parc De La Ciutadella Is the Right for a Picnic

What’s the favourite picnic spot for your city? For Barcelona, its Parc De La Ciutadella. Visit this spot for a chill afternoon with friends or family or your better halves. You would have a great time here – that’s what the locals say about this place.

4. Chill at Bunkers del Carmel

Grab a beer, get some food and go to Bunkers del Carmel for stunning views and to relax. Built originally as an anti-aircraft defense, this place has now come to host happy citizens and provides amazing views of a Catalina sunset. Certainly not something you would be careless enough to miss out.

5. Tibidabo Is on The Top

The Tibidabo is right at the top of Collserola Natural Park, so you could pay it a visit when you go there. The top of this hill has a telecommunications tower – easy to recognize. When you’re on top and you finally look down, Barcelona lies spread under your view, fresh and beautiful as ever. Stunning views, memorable experiences and a nice, calm and peaceful time spent comes along with it. You could ideally spend your time singing songs around bonfires at this lovely location.

6. Beaches and Brunches

Barcelona has lots of beaches. Most tourists will typically just visit Barceloneta, but there are other sands upon sea in various parts of the coast that you could visit. These would make up an enthralling experience. Also remember to feast on the beachside restaurants and stalls, just like the locals love to do.

7. Read Away Dream Away

Nothing’s more Barcelonian than reading away your afternoons. Book shops are everywhere in the city. You could while away your time, sinking into the comfort of the scenic settlement as you go on reading the brilliant works of medieval and modern authors. After all, there’s nothing better than books and strong coffee to keep you alive. If you agree, settle in, take a sip and dream away to wonderland where stories reign supreme. An unforgettable experience, really.

Barcelona can be your best holiday if you manage to sneak away from the regular tourist crowds that flock the city regularly and mix with the people of the city. For example, if you get your lunch from a local restaurant and not one built specifically for tourists, you could save the big buck, while enjoying your time at leisure in the environment of this majestic coastal city. The friendliest of locals, the best in cuisine, the most marvelous in experience, Barcelona will always live up to your dreams and beyond them.

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