7 Interesting Facts You’d Wish You Knew Before Moving to San Francisco

Even if you have lived in a big city in the United States, moving to San Francisco can give you quite a few surprises. Some of these surprises can feel great, while the rest not so much.

Moving to San Francisco can feel a bit different from moving to other places. The city has its own set of rules and regulations for moving trucks. San Francisco is also known for its hills, which can be quite difficult for new drivers to maneuver.

Therefore, we would also advise you to hire a San Francisco mover when you plan to move to the city as they would be aware of the regulations and also have the experience of driving a heavy truck through the neighborhoods. We hope that you find this blog post helpful if you are planning to move to San Francisco. And if you are already living in the city, you would probably get a good laugh out of reading it.

Morning and Evening Temperatures Can Be Different

If you have lived somewhere on the East Coast, you would be used to the weather being warm on a sunny day till about 10 PM. But it is not the same for San Francisco. Even if it is 70° during the day, the temperatures can drop by up to 10° after 5 PM. So always be prepared and have a light jacket with you when you’re in San Francisco.

Your Neighborhood Can Define You

People in San Francisco can judge you by the neighborhood that you live in. Although, like any other stereotyping, it is not always applicable to everyone. But once you start living in the city, you will indeed find several examples of it. So when you move to San Francisco, it is best to understand the neighborhoods before you start living somewhere permanently.

Cost of Living Is Very High

San Francisco is one of the most expensive cities to live in in the United States. Even with roommates, you could be paying up to $ 2000 every month. Finding an apartment in San Francisco, California can feel like playing pro football.

If you want to save on your living expenses, you will have to buy things online and compromise on supporting local businesses. So if you are moving here for a job, keep in mind that you will spend a lot more than what you used to live.

Something Cool Is Always Going on

One of the best things about San Francisco is that there are festivals, concerts, and other random cultural events going on all the time. San Francisco is well known for shutting the streets down to allow performances and yet, make it easy for people by adjusting public transportation. Many websites can tell you about the different events that are held regularly.

The City Is Dog Friendly

Whether you have a dog or just love dogs, you will find that San Francisco is an extremely dog friendly city. You will find parks in every neighborhood with dog-friendly areas. Many bars allow dog owners to bring in their dogs when it is not crowded. However, not all landlords allow pets, so check that before you move in with your dog.

Divisadero Is San Francisco’s Fog Line

San Francisco’s fog is one of the biggest contributing factors to the evening temperature drops we mentioned before. Divisadero is a street that runs from the North to the South of the city and cuts it into two halves.

If you choose to live on the east side of Divisadero, you will probably enjoy a lot more sunshine than those living on the west side. The entire city gets engulfed in fog every quite often, but it is more frequent on the west side.

Tips to Use MUNI

The bus system in San Francisco is called MUNI that you would either love or hate. But there are three things that you must keep in mind when you travel by bus to San Francisco. Never rely on Google Maps to find out when the next bus is coming and use apps like Rover or NextMUNI instead.

You will have to step down in most of the buses to get the back door to open up for you. If you fail to do it, you will have more than half the bus yelling at you, so it is best to avoid this rookie mistake. If your bus is going to pass through Chinatown, you will have to add some time to your trip because there are always delays.

So if you have chosen to move to San Francisco, come to the city with an explorer’s attitude. San Francisco has innumerable adventures and boundless opportunities that you can take advantage of. You will be able to discover new things anywhere you go in the city, so be ready for a few surprises.

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