When you buy a used phone, you need to consider a few factors like price, accessories, working conditions and test real or fake ones.

To find whether the second-hand phone you are buying is safe enough to buy or not, we have one method- A IMEI check for free.

In this article, you will get to know about the IMEI number from A-Z. So, read it till the end.

    • What is an IMEI number?

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. Every device, be it any model that requires cellular connectivity has a unique IMEI number.

It comprises basic cell phones, smartphones, smartwatches, and tablets. An IMEI check for free identifies your mobile device no matter whether your SIM card is present in it or not.

For instance, Suppose your mobile is stolen, and the SIM card is removed from the device; the mobile provider can still block the phone accessibility using the IMEI number.

    • The Basics about IMEI number

An IMEI number is a 15 digit number unique for every phone, even for the same brand and model.

The manufacturers have purposefully enabled this uniqueness for the users to track their mobile device conveniently.

If you are going to buy a second-hand phone from a third party vendor, you need to understand how to check the IMEI number.

    • Difference between the IMEI and Serial number

Often, the IMEI number is confused with the serial number. A serial number is a set of letters and numbers given to a product to identify the place and time of manufacture to understand its features and determine its origin.

It is created by the manufacturers and maybe the same for other devices. You can find them on the back of the phone box or in the settings like the IMEI number.

However, an IMEI number is produced by an international organization called Groupe Speciale Mobile Association (GSMA) that handles all mobile network operators.

The IMEI number only consists of a 14 digit unique number with a check digit at the end. Without an IMEI number, a mobile device is invalid.


    • How to find your mobile’s IMEI number?

You can identify your mobile’s IMEI number using various methods. It might vary for iPhone and other Android phones.

IMEI check for free methods include

    1. Get it in your settings.

 Go to settings> General> About> IMEI number.

    1. Call *#06#

Go to call dashboard> Enter *#06#> Call> IMEI number

Screenshot or note down this number for future use.

    1. Check-in your phone box

 As mentioned earlier, you can find the IMEI number at the back of the phone box. Every mobile comes with the IMEI details on its parcel.


    1. Apple website (only for iPhones)

If you have an iPhone, you can sign in your account details on the Apple website and select your device to find the IMEI number.

You can also get the IMEI number from your mac pc and MacBook using the finder option present in it.

You can also use find your iPhone option in your MacBook or other devices connected to your phone to trace the IMEI number.

    • What to do when your IMEI number is BLOCKED or BLACKLISTED?

When you buy a phone and notice that the phone is blocked or blacklisted, you have only limited options to access it.

These phones with blacklisted IMEI numbers are shared only between the carriers, and you cannot unblock them easily.

Your device is locked to the particular network, so you have only one option. Try to contact the previous carrier and request them to unlock the device to access the device entirely.


When you know the IMEI number’s value, you will get to escape the trouble in advance. So, take your phone and note down your device’s IMEI number to secure your personal details.

We hope our valuable insights help you to make a wise purchase. Kindly share with us your experience of buying a second-hand phone in the comment section below.



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