7 Essential Requirements for U.S. Tourists Visiting Canada to Hunt

Hunting is an exotic and popular sport for tourists because of the thrill that comes with it. Most American tourists would like to explore the hunting scene in Canada. They prefer going after big games like the moose, elk, or caribou. Tourists are also fond of the Canadian wild because of its beauty.

Canada is one of the most preferred hunting destinations. However, visitors should be aware of the strict regulations on game hunting. The country has national and regional laws regulating the sport. We share with you the things you need to hunt legally in Canada.

1. A Valid Passport

You need a valid passport to enter Canada regardless of the route you take. Whether you come in by air, sea, or land, Canadian migration officers will need a valid passport. Remember to carry your passport all the time as proof of U.S citizenship and legal admission into Canada.

2. Fill Out U.S. Custom Form 4457

This form can be accessed online or at your local customs office. You’re required to declare all the valuables you’re bringing to Canada in the form. This enables you to prove ownership when re-entering the U.S. Remember to include all the weapons, electronic devices, optic apparel, hunting gear, and cameras.

You should keep form 4457 with you after you return because it does not expire. You can use it for your future hunting trips but you should make sure that the items you carry are those included in the form.

3. Complete Canadian Non-Resident Firearm Declaration Form 909

You can complete this form online or at the border. However, it’s a good idea to complete the form online to avoid delays and inconveniences to Canadian border officials. Provide accurate information, especially serial numbers. You will be required to print three copies of the form and sign them. Do not include handguns in the form because tourists are not allowed to bring them to Canada.

4. The Permitted Firearms for Hunting in Canada

Canada has strict gun laws compared to the U.S which may catch some tourists off guard. You’re allowed to carry and use manual or semi-automatic rifles or shotguns for hunting. Nevertheless, your firearms should meet the requirements set by authorities.

Canfirearm.com is a reliable gun store in Canada that stocks approved hunting rifles and different types of shotguns. Visit the store to get approved hunting firearms to avoid being denied entry. You’re not allowed to bring modified assault weapons or firearms because they’re illegal. You also need a license from provincial authorities to carry and use guns in Canada.

5. Pay for Your Hunting Permit

Paying for a hunting permit is the last process after filling out and presenting the relevant forms to authorities. Your request to hunt in Canada may be accepted or rejected. If your application is accepted authorities require you to pay a fee for the hunting permit. The permit costs around 25 Canadian dollars. This fee can only be paid in Canadian dollars because customs officials don’t accept U.S currency.

6. Hunting with Dogs

Hunting with dogs is allowed, but you need to check local regulations. The law may restrict the type of animals that can be hunted with the help of dogs. For example, some provinces in Canada allow you to hunt fowl using dogs, but not big animals like moose. Furthermore, you’ll need licenses for the dog in addition to your hunting license.

7. Bringing Back Trophies

There are strict regulations on animals and plants you’re allowed to bring back to the U.S after a successful hunting trip. You can bring back game meat but it depends on specific factors. They include quantity and whether there is a disease outbreak.

These are the 7 essential requirements you need to observe as a U.S tourist to have a successful hunting trip in Canada.

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