What Are The Benefits Of Bottle Feeding Babies?

For many parents, bottle feeding is the only option they can follow. Some people can breastfeed, but only enough to give their child a portion of their nutrients, and others simply do not have the capacity.

Because some kids are born lactose intolerant or develop other food needs, breastfeeding isn’t always the best option for a family.

With slogans dotted around parenting websites saying “breast is best”, it can be easy to start doubting your parental decision or start believing that everyone is judging you.

To help you dispel these thoughts, we want to remind you why bottle feeding and formula feeding can be a great help to your parental style.

Buy What You Need And Sell The Rest

Each child will go through their feeding stages at different times. Some can digest solid food at 6 months, others need a lot more time before making the switch.

A lot of naysayers will tell you that buying formula is a waste, because you may end up buying too much. This will lead to an over-stocked cupboard and wasted money. That’s simply not true though.

You can visit Sell Formula to sell your packages to other parents in need. No waste is necessary!

Anyone Can Bottle Feed

One of the biggest pros of bottle feelings is anyone can do it. When your child feeds they develop a bond with the person holding them. If one parent is breastfeeding, this means that the other parent will not have the chance to bond in the same manner.

Allowing them to bottle feed their child can make the experience a family event.

Secondly, when you bottle feed, you allow the breastfeeding parent to take a break. Breastfeeding can be exhausting, as your child needs to feed constantly. Breaking down these responsibilities can allow anyone in the family to be helpful, allowing everyone else to rest.

Feeding In Public

People should be allowed to breastfeed in public. It is a natural experience and yet the western world has created a pornographic obsession with breasts.

Whether you agree with the natural experience of breastfeeding or not, it can feel uncomfortable if people start to watch you and criticize you for simply feeding your child.

To avoid all this tension, you can bottle feed instead. Bottle feeding allows you to fulfill your duty as a parent without the harsh gaze of onlookers judging you.

Easy To Track Baby’s Intake

A lot of baby manuals ask you to keep track of your baby’s diet. Your midwife, parenting guides, and family will all comment on how much your child is eating, but if you breastfeed you cannot say for sure what the measurement is.

When you bottle feed, you can count the milliliters and make a note. This way your midwife and doctors can assess how well your baby is developing.

Even if you don’t use formula, putting your breast milk into a bottle can make it easier to keep track.

There Will Always Be More

When you breastfeed, you rely on your body to develop more milk before the next feeding time. However everyone’s body is different, and some parents cannot produce the amount of milk needed to keep their baby fed.

When you use formula, this isn’t a problem. You can buy way more than you need for the week, keep it in storage and top it up when you need to.

As we said before, you can sell any packages that end up not being used, so you don’t need to act conservatively. 

The Parents Don’t Need To Change Their Diet

When you breastfeed, you need to change your diet to contain all the vitamins and minerals your baby needs to digest. You are feeding yourself and your baby, so you need to be aware of your own nutritional needs.

Secondly, you need to avoid foods that could harm your baby. This means no alcohol, coffee, processed foods, or spices.

This type of restriction can make the breastfeeder’s diet very boring and hard to maintain. If you use formula, you don’t need to sacrifice your diet. You can make sure your baby is getting all of the nutrients they need without restricting yourself. 


There are many benefits to bottle feeding. In fact, we could keep going – your breasts will stay firm, your nipples won’t become cracked and bloody, and your upper torso won’t be in pain from the strain of breastfeeding.

You get the picture. If you want to bottle-feed your baby, do it! You know what’s right for you and your family.

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