Winter Kayaking Tips For Outdoor Lovers

Winter may not be the favorite season of outdoor enthusiasts due to evident reasons. Cold weather, fewer daylight hours, rain, and snow may keep you indoors. Moreover, sitting by the fireplace with a new book and a cup of steaming coffee seems to be a better option. However, winter kayaking can be an incredible experience as you get to see the beauty of winter closely. The best thing is that the most popular spots have less traffic at this time of the year. But you must consider a few things before heading out for the adventure. Here are some expert-recommended winter kayaking tips for outdoor lovers.

Choose the right clothing

Outdoor clothing for winter must be extra warm to keep the heat in. But you cannot get too heavy because it can hinder mobility while paddling. Investing in super-warm, lightweight, and waterproof clothing is the best way to gear up for cold-weather kayaking. Consider wearing a hat, gloves, and thick wet boots. A BA (Buoyancy aid) is another safety essential you cannot overlook in all seasons. You can trust it to keep you warm and afloat in case of a mishap.

Check the weather 

Another tip you cannot overlook is to check the weather before embarking on the adventure. Also, remember that winter can be unpredictable, so rain and snow can come out of the blue. Checking the forecast can save you from trouble as it eliminates guesswork from your kayaking outing. Consider skipping the plan and going on another day if the stats do not look good.

Pick the right boat

Picking the right boat is a no-brainer for paddlers throughout the year. But you must be extra cautious during the cold weather as a sudden spell may force you to get out of the water quickly. An inflatable kayak makes a great option because it is lightweight and easy to navigate. Moreover, you can easily deflate the blow-up kayak, pack it in your car’s trunk, and leave before the storm worsens.

Warm up before hitting the water

Another helpful tip is to warm up well before hitting the water. It enables you to move your muscles and paddle without stress. Warming up also goes a long way in preventing injuries. You can do some stretches outside the water or paddle a bit once you are in to get your muscles into action. Also, avoid the trip if you feel sore or hurt because you should be in top shape to have a good time.

Plan ahead

Planning for the winter kayaking trip makes it safe and enjoyable. Think of the kayaking adventure like any other outdoor activity, such as hunting and skiing. Pack a flask with warm coffee, carry some healthy high-energy snacks, and take along a change of clothes. Also, decide the length of the session, but be ready to cut it short if your body needs rest. Avoid going solo if you are a beginner.

Winter kayaking can be thrilling, but safety should be on top of your mind before embarking on the adventure. Follow these tips to have an incredible time gliding through the water.

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