6 Best Dive Sites in Asia: From Sipadan to Tubbataha Reef

If you are on the lookout for some of the most amazing dive sites on the planet, Asia has a lot to offer. Here you can witness the beauty and diversity of many marine ecosystems. Each is unique, but all are incredible. Be sure to precede your diving tour across Asia by watching The Blue Planet and developing a new sense of respect for the marine.

Top 6 Dive Sites in Asia: Bucket List for Every Diver

1.      Tubbataha Reefs Natural Marine Park, Philippines

Tubbataha Reef Natural Park is a place of beauty and a very important conservation site that helps keep invaluable marine ecosystem alive in the poor ecological situation of today. The reef is rather isolated, which is the reason why the unique biome managed to survive and retain its natural beauty. Today it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the few pristine coral reefs left in the world ocean.

Come here to see a natural wall dropping down 100 meters and covered in corals. You can also meet many reef fish and turtles here, as well as some sharks. Note that the fees every diver pays go directly to support the reef conservation effort.

2.      Tulamben, Indonesia (Bali)

Tulamben is a tiny fishing village which has all the attractions of a Bali vacation spot, meaning beaches and beautiful nature. This might not sound very special, but for divers, this is one of the hottest sites in Asia.

Not far from the shore, you get to enjoy diving to the wreck of USAT Liberty, torpedoed by the Japanese in 1942. Today it’s one of the most exciting wrecks for divers to visit.

3.      Sipadan, Malaysia

Those of you who are interested in the diversity of marine life need to visit the amazing Sipadan dive sites. This particular marine ecosystem is one of the richest in the world. Therefore, this dive will show you more of the natural underwater wonders than any other in Asia.

In the hopes of preserving Sipadan’s fragile marine habitat, the number of dives allowed here a day is limited. As the place is very popular, you should book your dive in advance.

4.      Andaman Islands, India

Andaman Islands are a very interesting place to visit even without the diving. This is where you can see not only amazing nature but remainders of the traditions and lifestyles dating back millennia. The renowned North Sentinel island, which is closed to all visitors, is located in this archipelago. The people living there had almost no contact with the outside world. Some other islands of the archipelago can be visited with permits.

But most importantly for divers, here you can meet some unique fish while exploring the underwater beauties surrounding the archipelago. Look out for elusive ribboned sweetlips, which feed on crabs and live deep down.

5.      Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar

Mergui Archipelago is huge, and it’s one of diver’s heavens in Asia. There are over 800 islands to explore during your trip here. Sadly, the archipelago suffered greatly during the Burmese Civil War and it has been only opened for tourists since 1997.

However today, diving is one of the main reasons why people are drawn here. The best seasons to enjoy the underwater sights are winter and early spring. You can set out on a diving expedition here as there are dozens of beautiful sites to explore. Try to find some red lionfish while you are here as those are magnificent creatures that one has to see in their natural habitat.

6.      Similan Islands, Thailand

Similan Islands offer the best diving site in Thailand and one of the best in Asia. Here you can see a variety of coral reefs and some incredible drop-offs. Make sure to come here if you are looking for some exciting of marine life and dives of varying complexity levels.

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