5 Tips to Get A Cheap Online Travel Insurance Quote

Travel insurance is very important if you are making a trip to another country as it will protect you and prevent you from having to fork out a lot of money for unexpected circumstances. You could fall ill, disasters could occur, your stuff could get  stolen etc. Anything could happen. Also, you can travel to some countries like Cuba and Thailand if you don’t have travel insurance with medical cover.

Before you make your trip, you will come across various travel insurance quotes from the reasonable ones to the ridiculously expensive ones. In this article, we will give you some tips that will help you get cheap online travel insurance quotes.

1. Evaluate your needs:

Before getting an online travel insurance quote, you need to evaluate your needs first. Consider the items you’ll be carrying with you, your health needs and other factors. This will help you make a choice faster and get you cheaper deals.

2. Do not buy travel insurance from tour operators, airlines and travel agents:

If you are looking to get travel insurance, do not buy from airlines, tour operators, and travel agents. This is because they will have added some extra fees to the actual cost, so you will pay more than what you are supposed to pay. Some travel agents receive commissions for every travel insurance they sell. To meet up with these commissions, insurance companies increase the price of their premiums. Go to the source on your own and get your travel insurance by yourself.

3. Pay for annual travel insurance cover:

If you travel three or more times in a year, it is wiser to pay for annual travel insurance cover than to pay for travel insurance three separate terms. Annual fees are far cheaper than individual fees. But you must understand that if you are paying for an annual policy, most insurance companies won’t cover trips that are longer than 31 days.

4. Get an airline credit card:

The best airline credit cards offer owners of the cards free travel insurance if they book a trip with the airline credit card. So, if you get an airline credit card, you can get travel insurance at no extra cost. If you are not sure of the best airline credit card to get, you can run a simple online search, and you will get one.      

5. Consider your home insurance policy and bank insurance policy:

Home insurance policies provide insurance for personal possessions when you are away from home. If your home insurance policy covers your personal possessions, you can opt away from baggage cover and save a lot of money. If you have a current account or a credit card that offers travel insurance, you can check if the insurance cover will meet your needs. This is because most free insurance policies only cover basic needs and may not be sufficient for you.  


If you want to get a cheap online travel insurance policy, follow all the tips listed in this article. Take your time when searching and begin your search for an insurance policy early. Compare prices, plans and benefits. Do not rush because if you do so, you will hardly get a cheap online travel insurance policy. Remember to consider your bank and home insurance policies because they might cover you for travels. Evaluate your needs and do not pay for more than what you need. Also, get an airline credit card with travel insurance if you haven’t gotten one.

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