How to Get the Best Travel Insurance for Your Holiday

There are several important steps to take when planning your holiday. Besides choosing your destination, getting the best price, and planning your itinerary, you also need to make sure of 2 key things: that your financial investment in your trip is protected and that you have medical coverage when you are traveling.

Luckily, these 2 things can both be covered with the right travel insurance. And how do you know you are getting the best travel insurance for your money? By knowing exactly what you need.

Analyze Your Trip Realistically

In order to get started, you need to analyze your trip as objectively as you can. What does this mean?

• Look Ahead: How far in advance are you planning your trip? The further you are planning ahead, the more likely it is that something might come up and cause you to have to cancel your plans or change your itinerary. The further in advance your trip is, the more likely you will need this coverage, and you want to make sure the limits on the policy will cover the real cost of modifying or canceling your trip.

• Look at the Seasons: Remember, if you are crossing the equator, the weather will be the opposite of where you are. Summer in Australia is winter in the northern hemisphere, and so delays or airline related cancellations are more likely in that case.

• Look at Where You are Going: When it comes to medical coverage, you want to think about where you are going. Even if the country you are visiting has a great health care system, an overnight hospital stay can really cost you, and if you need to be moved back home for treatment, costs can be exorbitant. Be sure your travel insurance covers this possibility.

• Look at What You are Doing: Are you engaging in extreme sports, doing things where there is the possibility you will be injured? The medical part of your policy is even more important in this case.

By analyzing your trip realistically, you can move on to the next step and determine what coverage you need.

Determine What Coverage You Need

There are several types of travel insurance, and knowing what you want or need based on your travel plans is very important.

• Basic: This is often a medical-only insurance plan, popular with backpackers or those doing extreme sports who are not really concerned about airline cancellation expenses, travel delays, or the potential cost for alternate transportation.

• Middle Ground Plans: These plans cover your uninsured medical expenses, but also offers some limited cancellation and delay coverage along with limited coverage for lost luggage and personal items.

• Comprehensive Plans: These plans cover every aspect of your trip, from medical to cancellation and delays, and your lost luggage and alternate transportation if needed.

For most travelers, especially if you are traveling internationally, opt for some form of comprehensive coverage. Even that coverage comes in several levels, depending on the limits on certain benefits, and whether you have a deductible to pay before the insurance kicks in.

Compare Travel Insurance Plans

Once you have determined what you need, you can get down to making comparisons of various travel insurance options. From basic plans to the most comprehensive, there are still differences. Some companies are more reliable than others.

Inexpensive plans can be tempting, but before you impulsively purchase them, be sure to compare benefits and the coverage limits of each policy. Within the coverage limits are sub-limits as well. For instance, you might have a single trip limit on your policy, but under that is also a limit on the amount of money your personal luggage will be covered for.

Make sure you have the coverage you need. For example: If an Australian is reading travel insurance reviews before his big snowboarding trip to Aspen, he’ll need to make sure that his travel insurance plan extends into medical coverage.  Without it, a funny story about a broken leg on the slopes could turn into an expensive international medical bill.

Make Your Purchase

Once you have chosen the right travel insurance, make your purchase. Be sure you have disclosed to the insurer all the aspects of your trip such as where you will be traveling, where you will be staying, and what activities you will be engaged in.

Also be sure they have the right flight information, and everything they need to provide you with good medical coverage. If you need any special instructions, be sure you have them with you, and carry all policy information with you in your carry on luggage.

Don’t rely on electronics. If a phone or computer is stolen, you still want to have all of your policy information and the phone numbers you need to contact the insurance provider. Have this information printed and with you at all times, and have at least enough information to contact the insurance company.

Once you have made your choice about the best travel insurance for your holiday and you know you are covered, you can get ready for a great trip.

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