5 Tips for Planning an Unforgettable Motorcycle Road Trip

You’re finally ready to take that motorcycle road trip you’ve always dreamed about. Now that the time has come, you may be wondering how you can make it the trip of a lifetime.

By following these five tips, your road trip is sure to not only meet but completely exceed your expectations.

Put your safety first

Your motorcycle road trip may start as a fantasy, but if you end up with a flat tire on the side of a deserted road in the middle of a rainstorm, that fantasy can turn into a nightmare pretty quickly.

To stay safe while having fun, make sure you get your motorcycle inspected and serviced before heading out onto the open road. Pack a repair kit for potential tire punctures, and consider taking a motorcycle safety course to help protect you from other drivers on the road.

Map out your own route

One of the greatest inventions is undoubtedly the GPS. Many people today will tell you that they just can’t live without Google Maps. However, if you decide to use a GPS on your motorcycle road trip, you’re making a big mistake.

GPS devices and apps are programmed to calculate the fastest route to a destination. If you’re planning a motorcycle road trip, chances are you’re hoping to see some pretty stunning scenery. You can still use a GPS for directions, but make sure you manually map out your route to avoid a ton of boring highway driving.

Determine how frequently you’ll need to stop for gas

Sure, maybe you can just stop whenever you notice you’re getting a little low on gas. Depending on where you’re traveling, gas stations may be further apart than you expect.

By looking up the specifications for your motorcycle, you can use the mileage to determine how far you can go on one tank of gas. When you’re mapping out your route, make sure you look for gas stations along the way and plan exactly where and when you’ll stop.

Prepare for all weather conditions

In recent years, weather patterns have become more erratic and severe. Make sure you’ve packed for both precipitation and heat, regardless of where you live. In addition to extreme weather potentially interrupting your plans, it can also just be plain dangerous.

If you don’t already own the proper motorcyclist apparel and accessories for every type of weather, make this investment before your road trip.

Invite a friend

If a motorcycle road trip is one of several of your bucket list trips, chances are it’s on a friend’s list too. Consider inviting one of your motorcyclist besties along for a ride. Although some people enjoy traveling alone, most enjoy having someone to share the experience with. Even if your friend can’t accompany you for the entire trip, having a companion for part of it is better than none at all.

Not only is traveling with a friend so much more fun, but it’s safer too. If you experience an injury or get lost, you’ll have someone with you to help you out and make sure you’re okay.

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