What is the Appeal of Holidaying in Egypt in 2022?

The world is a massive place, isn’t it? For people who enjoy travelling and experiencing different cultures, there are plenty of destinations we can venture to these days, either by plane, boat or even by train. Countries like Australia will always be popular for many, but if you’re after something a little bit different, then Egypt is capable of satisfying that particular demand.

For many people, though, Egypt perhaps isn’t the first destination they think of when planning a holiday. These days, more trendy locations appeal to younger travellers in particular, with many opting for major cities such as New York, Paris and Dubai instead. Despite this, many holidaymakers are still venturing to Egypt. In fact, Lonely Planet named it as one of the top 10 cities in the world to visit back in 2020. Now, instead of seeing the pyramids in popular movies like The Mummy and exploring the sand dunes in games like the Desert Treasure slot machine, people are discovering the benefits of holidaying in Egypt for themselves, but not every type of traveller is.

If you feel Egypt is the right place for your vacations, make sure you book your travels with expert tour guides from Inside Egypt, who will take you back in time, showing so much more than you can even imagine on your trip to this beautiful country. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some key reasons as to why holidaying in Egypt could be for you in 2022.

Egypt is cheap

If you’re keen to have a great time but also get excellent value for money, then Egypt is perfect. For example, it’s known for having the cheapest taxis on the planet, while also being one of the cheapest countries on the 2019 Big Mac Index. You can have a memorable vacation away in Egypt without having to spend a fortune.

Year-round sun

 One of the many reasons why people go on an adventure to Egypt is because of the year-round sun that the country has been blessed with. There certainly isn’t a shortage of options when it comes to soaking up the sun either, with the home of the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea featuring some of the world’s best beaches. Even when the winter weather sets in, Egypt is still hot for many people.

The last standing Ancient Wonder of the World

An obvious reason why people are tempted into visiting Egypt is due to its rich history and amazing structures, with arguably the most popular of them all being The Great Pyramid of Giza. The last existing Ancient Wonder of the World, it’s a truly magnificent sight to behold and is symbolic of the uniqueness Egypt offers travellers. The fact that people can get up close to a pyramid that is 4500 years old is remarkable.

Some of the world’s best diving spots

Alongside other nations such as Mexico, Australia and the Philippines, Egypt is incredibly popular with the diving community. The Red Sea is one of the best in the world for exploring wrecks, grotto diving, shore diving, and a range of other diving-related activities. Egypt is also packed full of amazing dive sites, with favoured options, including Shark Reef and Thistlegorm.

Anyone for a cruise on the Nile?

 If going on a cruise holiday appeals to you, then there aren’t many routes better than going on a cruise between Luxor and Aswan. Along the way, travellers can see historic monuments, tombs and artefacts, while also being treated to five-star luxury service. Suitable for both couples and families, cruising down the world-famous Nile is a magical thing to do.

Other reasons why people go to Egypt includes visiting the Sahara Desert, enjoying some natural treatments and physiotherapy, checking out the country’s world-famous museums, seeing ancient whale fossils in Wadi el Hitan, and exploring Egypt’s temples and tombs.

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