5 of the Best Medicinal Foods You Can Get!

Food is an essential part of anyone’s life.  Some foods are more beneficial than others, however, so you have to keep in mind which ones are better for your body. Knowing what their properties and benefits are will make it easier to identify the food that will give you better immunity, ease pain, as well as aid in any healing your body needs.

These five medicinal foods do not just taste great, they also boost your metabolism, help with overcoming colds and some of them even have benefits for your skin and hair.


Mushrooms have many medicinal effects including relaxation, boosting oxygen flow and bringing balance to your immune system. As stated by many sources, there’s almost nothing medicinal mushrooms can’t do. According to superfeast, there are 8 medicinal mushrooms available that provide the best benefits, and this is why it’s important that you read up on them before knowing which ones to purchase. Including mushrooms in your diet are going to greatly improve your oxygen intake which will in turn make you have more energy than ever. You will also be at less risk of getting colds or other illnesses. Chaga is one of those mushrooms that can greatly boost your immune system. Learn more about Chaga tea benefits from Chaga101.com.


Molasses has a bunch of medicinal properties that not many people are aware of. One of the main properties that molasses has iron. If you or someone you know has an iron deficiency a great way to treat is to eat a tablespoon of molasses a day. You could also do that if you want to be pre cautious and ensure that you never get an iron deficiency.


Garlic has benefits for both your skin and your immune system in general. People usually shy away from eating cloves of garlic because of the pungent smell and taste they have, when in fact garlic is one of the best ways to boost your immune system. If you have any irritation in your skin or a pimple, rubbing a piece of garlic on that area will decrease irritation and swelling. It will also reduce scarring left by pimples.

Olive oil

A staple found in most, if not every kitchen, olive oil has more benefits than being healthier to consume than other oils and fats. Olive oil can be used on your hair to make it shinier and softer as well as easier to manage. It also helps you fight against lice without using any chemicals that may harm your hair in the process.


The lemons which contain the highly beneficial vitamin C should be included in at least one of your daily meals. Drinking warm lemon with ginger helps fight off colds while eating yogurt with lemon squeezed in is a surefire way to have a faster metabolism.

Consuming food that has medicinal properties does not mean that you have to eat something bitter or unappetizing. As you can see from the foods mentioned above, these foods can be easily incorporated into your daily diet to ensure that your body is in tip top shape. Sometimes you don’t even have to eat the medicinal food alone, instead you could add it with other ingredients to mask the scent or taste if you do not enjoy them.

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