4 Not-to-Miss Experiences in Sri Lanka During Christmas

If you plan to spend the Christmas holiday in Sri Lanka, you should prepare to be busy as there are many interesting sites that you really shouldn’t miss. And that’s not even counting the fact that the Christmas celebration in Colombo, the largest city on the island is a marvelous event you have to see.

In fact, that’s where you should start your trip as the local Christmas fair will allow you to immerse yourself into the festive spirit with its unique Sri Lankan flavor. So, here’s what you should do when enjoying a real Sri Lankan Christmas:

1.      Try the unique Christmas cake

They don’t make Christmas cakes elsewhere as they make them in Sri Lanka, says Orana, a local hub writer. This particular recipe contains ingredients that can only be bought in the country, so it counts as the local delicacy.

You’ll love this fruit cake if you like spices and experiments. The local recipe contains things like pumpkin, ginger, and chow chow preserves, among a dozen other flavorful ingredients. But if you are a traditionalist, you’ll be able to find a perfect cake as well because every bakery will offer a variety of these during the holidays.

2.      Explore all things tea

You’ll have no trouble finding delicious tea to go with your Christmas cake in Sri Lanka as it\s one of the country’s main exported products. But you should not only drink it but also use the opportunity to learn about how your favorite tea is created. Fathima, from T2 Travels Sri Lanka, recommends starting with exploring tea trails so you can see from where the tea journey starts.

Visiting at least one tea factory is a must and if you can, you should see the Ceylon Tea Museum as well. But most importantly, taste as many different teas as you can while there. A multitude of places offer this drink here and each is special in some way.

3.      Watch the wildlife in Yala National Park

Any trip to Sri Lanka should include as many visits to national parks as you can squeeze in. Take a look at some interesting Sri Lanka tours to get a good idea what’s on offer.

However, the first place to visit must be Yala National Park, and December is the best season for it. According to park employees, this is the time when you can see the most exotic birds.

This park is not only a fantastically beautiful place where you can admire the Sri Lankan wildlife but also a visible proof of Mother Nature’s resilience. It was hit extremely hard by the devastating tsunami of 2004. And yet, you won’t be able to tell unless you know about it beforehand. Tragically, 250 people in the area were taken by the giant wave. But animals were all safe, proving that they are able to sense and hide from the oncoming natural threats much better than us, humans.

4.      Go whale watching

Another experience that will have you awed with the magnificence of nature is whale watching in Sri Lanka. The season for it starts in November, so you are sure to witness some incredible marine scenes during your Christmas trip.

However, you should know that this particular adventure is extremely popular. Therefore, if you take one of the big tourist boats, you are setting yourself up for a stampede. It will be best to enjoy the experience from a smaller vessel not overrun by crowds. You should also look for tours away from the main tourist hotspots like Mirissa.

Sri Lanka is magnificent at all times, and all the more so during the festive Christmas season. This is definitely a good time to arrive as you’ll be able to enjoy yourself even just by walking around and soaking up sites of decorated houses and shops. Don’t forget to enjoy the local delicacies as well.

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