Reasons Why Egypt Needs Visit Egypt at least one time in your life

When Egypt comes up as a travel destination, many people’s minds get filled up with thoughts of pyramids and the statue of the Sphinx. For them, there is nothing else to Egypt than these and some people would not choose to have a vacation in a place that has little to offer.

However, this is not the truth about Egypt. There is so much more awesomeness to Egypt than pyramids and the Sphinx. This beautiful country will leave you longing for more and contemplating the possibility of relocating there.

Here are some reasons why you definitely need to add Egypt to your bucket list and start looking into Egypt Tours.

1. You Can Take A Dip in the Red Sea and Relax On the Beach

If you visit Egypt in the summer, you might find the weather hot enough for you to desire the soothing effects of water and a beach. Go to the Red Sea area. There are many beach resorts with luxury accommodation offers; water sports offers and opportunities for shopping and other forms of entertainment. You can rest, feel refresh, get a tan or even go scuba diving.

2. Egypt Has Delicious Food

The delicious cuisine in Egypt is enough reason to add Egypt to your bucket list. Egypt draws you into a mouth-watering experience with dishes which you may not be familiar with. In Egypt, you get to have Kofta (which are meatballs), Shawarma (which is shredded meat wrapped in pita) and Mahshi Hamam (which is roasted pigeon stuffed with vegetables and rice). If you have a thing for rice or pasta, you can try out Koshary, a native Egyptian dish prepared with rice, macaroni, vegetables, tomato sauce and fried onions

3. You Can Spend Some Time with the Sphinx

The Sphinx is internationally popular. This sculpture constructed around 2520-2494 BC is considered the world’s oldest monument. It is located in Giza, Egypt. Several celebrities have social media pictures or videos of them play-kissing the Sphinx. If you travel to Egypt, you can get your own kissy face picture too or simply spend time taking in the beauty of the sphinx.

4. You Get To Visit The Pyramids

It goes without question that a trip to Egypt would be very incomplete without paying a visit to the Egyptian pyramids. The pyramids of Egypt are indeed spectacular sights to behold. If you go to Egypt, you would find one Wonder of the Ancient World, the Great Pyramid of Giza which is the oldest and largest pyramid in Egypt.

5. There Are Many Ancient Artifacts to Be Seen In the Egyptian Museum

The Egyptian Museum in Cairo has a spectacular collection of ancient artifacts. In this museum, there are artifacts like the mummies and the golden mask of King Tut. If you have a thing for history, archaeology and architectural excellence, the possibility of visiting the Egyptian Museum should make you add Egypt to your travel bucket list.

6. There Are Numerous Treasures in Khan al-Khalili

Khan al-Khalili is a market in Cairo. This market is one of the biggest bazaars in the Middle East. Many amazing deals on good products like precious metals, spices and perfumes can be found in Khan al-Khalili market. All you will need is an eye for a great bargain and the ability to negotiate properly.

7. You Can Get A Felucca Tour

If you love sailing or adventure in general, this one is for you. You can go on a felucca tour. A felucca tour, which involves embarking on a tour by sailing in the small native Egyptian wooden boat called a felucca, can last several days. The experience is beautiful, especially when you take a sunset cruise in Aswan.

8. A Journey Via the Nile River Cruise Is A Memorable Experience

In Egypt, you can board a ship and take a journey from Aswan to Luxor. The scenery which includes lush foliage, an arid desert and Egyptian citizens using the Nile River for their daily activities is enthralling.

9. You Can Explore the Temple at Luxor

This city in the south of Egypt has been described as the largest open air museum in the world. This is due to the treasures found here. In Luxor, you can get a tour of the Karnak Temple complex which is dedicated to Pharaoh Amun. The Karnak Temple is an impressive edifice which stands apart from other Egyptian temples because of the length of time invested in building it and the number of Pharaohs who contributed to its construction. This place which is almost as grand and as popular as the pyramids is ideal for lovers of ancient history and architecture.

Include Egypt to your travel bucket list and have a life-changing experience!

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  1. I’m totally agree with reason number 2, because, No trip to Egypt can be completed without trying Egyptian traditional local food. Egyptian food has a long unique history as Egyptians cared about food depicting that in their paintings. Many wall paintings and carvings have been found on tombs indicating a variety of foods. i promise you that you will return to Egypt only to eating its food again and again.

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