4 Essential Tools for Going Hunting with a Dog

Hunting dogs are specially trained to pursue their prey deep into the forests. These dogs require some tools when in the wilderness. They are the must-have tools for safety reasons. They increase convenience and will make hunting more enjoyable as you will have a companion with you. Here are the four most essential hunting tools you must have when going hunting with your best friend.

1. Tracking e-Collar

If you are hunting in a vast terrain, keeping track of your dog is necessary. There are several tools you may use for this purpose. But the e-color is the most convenient one. It will help you keep track of the canine when out in the field. The modern types are highly modified and will allow you to give remote commands to the canine. They cost more but will give you better service. Also, the tools are of different types and range capabilities. So buying one that allows you to track your dog when it is miles away is recommended.

2. Visibility harness

Other than buying the best dog hunting vests, it may be necessary to buy reflective high visibility jackets. The jackets are mostly blazed orange but many hunters don’t prioritize them. Even though they are essential tools that every hunter must-have. The jackets are thick and will provide the extra layer that the dog needs for protection while in the thicket. What’s more, is that the jackets increase the dog’s security. They are bright-colored and make the dogs visible even when they are miles away. Besides, they distinguish the hunting dog from other prey. This ensures that no one harms the hunting dog.

3. Dog Whistle

It is one of the tools you must have not just when training the dog but also when you go out hunting. The tool helps you recall the canine from the bush. It is designed to carry the message further than the human voice can do. It should be easy to blow and should not affect the hunter’s ear. As the dog handler, you should know when to use the whistle. So if you have no idea of how to use it, you would be better off working with experienced hunters. They will teach you tips for using this vital tool.

4. First Aid Kit and dog boots

It is a must-have kit if you going in the wilderness. Ensure you get one that is specialized for canines. The kit will enable you to attend to the canine when it gets hurt while hunting. The kit has all the necessities you may need when the dog gets in trouble. It may be necessary to ensure that the kit contains the dog’s boots. The terrain out there may sometimes get rough. It may damage the dog’s foot, so having the boots can save the canine from more injuries.

Whether you are a regular or seasonal hunter, you must get the right tools before going into the wilderness. Of course, there are plenty of hunting tools you may need to consider. But ensure you emphasize on safety when buying the tools.

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