Popular Swamp Tour Destinations in New Orleans

In New Orleans, there are a lot of things to do as a visitor. There is almost always an event in the French Quarter, one of the main hubs of the city. Here and some other parts of the city, you will be treated with sights that are just unique to this place. This is because of New Orleans’ rather peculiar beginnings. As more people decided to inhabit the place, they also brought with them their own culture. This became the modern New Orleans: a combination of French, Spanish and other cultures that have become one solid entity. Learn about how New Orleans was founded in this article.

There are so many places to go while in the area. In just the French Quarter and the main city alone, you will already be satisfied. There are a lot of pubs and bars to choose from. Music can be heard from every corner and food is just within your reach. Cajun food is a mesmerizing combination of herbs and spices like nothing else in the US. There are also other places like the City Park and various galleries and museums to choose from. You can also just sit in the middle of the city, drinking wine in your to-go cup as you envelop yourself into the surroundings.

However, if there is one thing that you should not miss, it is the swamp tours. There are a lot of tour companies offering these experiences. As you may know, New Orleans is surrounded by bodies of water kind of similar to Venice, Italy. However, not all swamps go through the city as some of them enter into the nature reserves and other places in New Orleans. There is nothing quite like walking down the French Quarter to encountering an alligator. If you are looking for a brand new adventure, then this experience might be for you!

Aside from all the flora and fauna, there are places that you can go to with the swamp tours. Here are some of them:

Oak Alley Plantation

The South is always known for its long history of slavery, and New Orleans is no different. Up to this day, there are still remnants of what was the life back then in the plantations. One of the few remaining plantations turned into a tourist destination is the Oak Alley Plantation. Named after the welcoming alley of oaks, this place holds a lot of history and culture. There are also so many films and TV shows that have been shot here including “Interview with the Vampire” and “Days of Our Lives”. Here you can eat and refresh yourself as you reminisce on a tragic piece of history. Check out its story here: https://tclf.org/landscapes/oak-alley-plantation.

Laura Plantation

Another plantation that you can visit through the swamp tours is the Laura Plantation. One of the main features of this sprawling estate is that it was owned by one family for four generations. Here you can see how they lived and what the lives of their slaves were. There is an exhibit about the African slavery in the plantation with actual pictures of people who lived there. Once you are done, you can enjoy authentic Creole and Cajun food at a restaurant near the plantation. It can be a sumptuous yet somber experience.

Honey Island Swamp

One of the most visited sites in area for swamp visitors; this particular swamp is considered as one of the purest and unaltered swamps in the United States. Here you can feast your eyes on the diversity of wildlife. There are various rodents, reptiles and amphibians roaming around trying to live their lives while humans gawk in awe. As mentioned, there are alligators and snakes here, so be extra careful and don’t touch the water. Also, this is said to be the home of the Honey Island Swamp Monster, a child of an alligator and a chimpanzee. Don’t worry though as it had never been seen in years as it might be just a hallucination. You can view site that offer this destination on the internet.

Destrehan Plantation

The Destrehan Plantation is considered as one of the oldest surviving plantations in Louisiana. Built in 1787, it is a wonder that most parts of it is standing until today. One of the main attractions in this plantation is the actual demonstration of the lives of slaves in this particular plantation. Pottery, dyeing and candle making are just some of the crafts demonstrated to the visitors. Also, you can visit the kitchen and see how they cook some local recipes.

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