3 Key UK Cities That are Worth Exploring on Your Travels

An island that defies its size as one of the most influential countries in the world, the UK is one of the most visited countries too, both in Europe alongside the likes of Germany, Italy and France, and in the wider world – World Atlas reported an income of $17.2 Billion in 2018 from tourism alone.

Despite being such a small country in comparison to many others, there are some stark differences in culture and lifestyle depending on where you choose to visit when going there, and so it’s much more than just a one-and-done stop on the roadmap.

Thinking of visiting the UK, and wondering where to go first?  To get the ball rolling on where you might want to get started, here are 3 key UK cities that are worth exploring on your travels.


For those that have never visited the UK before, London is without a doubt one of the best places to start. It’s what you see on television shows, films, and stereotypical depictions of Britain as a whole, and when it comes to tourism you can’t really deny that London is pretty much everyone’s cup of tea. With a population that accounts for around 13% of the entire UK, and a share of 50% of all visitors coming into the UK, the city offers just about everything that you could want depending on your interests. This includes anything from Museums, to live music, to historical sightseeing and even flagship department tour shopping.

Planning out a trip in advance when heading to London should be a priority, as there’s so much to tick off your bucket list that the time will fly by. The London Underground train system is a good way of getting from point A to B with haste, but if you want to take your time a bit and indulge in some of the surrounding sites, an open-top bus might be a good way to go, as you can hop on and off as you please.


You’ll probably know Liverpool as being the home of the Beatles, or maybe even the birthplace of the current Champions League winners in Liverpool F.C, but there is also a variety of other things that the city offers, depending on what you’re into. The Baltic Triangle area, for example, voted one of the coolest places to live by the Times, is a growing, exciting digital hub, filled with quirky bars, restaurants and events and perfect for exploring on the weekend.

Liverpool is a city that is quickly developing into one of the most popular investment spots in the UK – not just from domestic buyers but also internationally – and this spells nothing but good news for any tourists visiting in the Merseyside area in the coming months and years. In their guide to the 2008 European capital of culture destination, RWinvest described Liverpool as a thriving city, “full of opportunities and big plans for the future”. The city’s prospects also seem strong in the face of Brexit, which is another positive.


As the northern neighbour to Liverpool, there’s no denying that Manchester United are one of the most popular global football entities going, and so if Old Trafford is more of your wheelhouse than Anfield road, you might want to head down the road to Manchester instead of Liverpool. Aside from the expected stadium tour and football focus, the city also is home to one of the biggest student populations in the entirety of Europe, so rest assured there’ll be plenty of nightlife and spots to visit if you want to go out for a drink in the evening.

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